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Festival of Champions Registration

Application Date*

Registration is based on a "first come, first served" basis. Participating directors must complete the online registration form to enter (even if submitting the form to their business office for payment). The first 30 bands to register online and submit payment, will be considered "registered" for the 2017 Festival of Champions.

Indoor Guard/Drumline participation will be limited to the first 30 combined entries. Preference will be given to schools participating in the field show.

Field Show performance is based on number of playing members (smaller bands earlier in the day), and previous attendance/success at the Festival of Champions.


School Name*
School Address*
School City*
School State*
School Zip*
School FAX*
School Phone*
School Enrollment*
School Classification (Music)*


Director First Name*
Director Last Name*
Director Phone (School)*
Director Phone (mobile)
Director Email*

BAND INFORMATION (Estimate numbers; exact numbers for classification will be solicited in the fall)

Band Name
Number expected in band this fall
Of the total above, how many are Auxiliary?

EVENT INFORMATION Field show participation is not required for Indoor Drumline/Guard events. However, preference is given to schools that also particpate in the field show competition.

Field Show ($300)*
Indoor Auxiliary Competition ($50)
Indoor Drumline Competition ($50)
Total Fees*
Check or Purchase Order Number (if known)

Please remember to SUBMIT survey before exiting. Upon receipt of the survey, the Festival Coordinator will send you an invoice that you may use to process payment. The invoice will serve as verification that you are entered in the Festival of Champions. Entry fees are non-refundable.