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Application for Thesis Project & Committee

Please keep the following items in mind when submitting this form.

1. If you plan to do a thesis project, you must begin very early in your academic career at UCM as it can easily take up to two years to complete a project, from start to finish. 2. You must develop a thesis topic that is “do-able” within the time frame that you have to complete your degree. Your thesis Chair will be most valuable in assessing your topic and must approve both your topic and prospectus before you may enroll in the Thesis CJ6600 block of credits. Keep in mind that CJ6600 does not involve class time; it just provides credit for the time that you spend working on your thesis project. 3. Your first step is to select a Chair for your thesis. Any of the graduate faculty may be able to assist, but you will need to check with any of interest to you to be sure they will have the expertise and time to devote to your project. If you are having trouble trying to decide on who to select, feel free to discuss this with your Advisor or Graduate Coordinator. 4. Your Chair will assist you in determining the other two members of your committee. 5. Once you have a topic with tentative title for project, and selected your Chair and committee, then you are ready to submit this form. 6. You must submit a thesis prospectus and have it approved before you can enroll in the Thesis CJ6600 block of credit hours. Consent is required for CJ6600, so you will need to contact the Graduate Coordinator who can enroll you. 7. Work with your Chair to determine if and when a research protocol must be submitted for Human Subjects Review. You CANNOT collect any data until you have your project approved by Human Subjects Review Committee. 8. Indicate in the form when you plan to complete your thesis project and graduate. You should work closely with your Chair to develop a realistic timeline for completion.

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