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Education Campus Interview Form

Interview all certification areas">

University of Central Missouri
Office of Career Services
Elliott University Union 302, Warrensburg, MO 64093
(660) 543-4985 Phone
(660) 543-4668 Fax

School Districts may schedule campus interviews anytime throughout the academic year.

1. School District*
2. Address*
3. City*
4. State*
5. Zip Code*
6. Contact Name*
7. Phone*
8. Fax
9. Email*
10. Web Site

Position Requirements

Please consider carefully. The information you provide will be posted on your interview sign-up sheets and published in campus releases to students and faculty. Please send literature or provide your web address for students to review prior to the interview.

11. Job Type
12. Position(s) Available
13. Brief Job Descriptions
14. Employment Location(s)

Graduation Dates & Degrees

15. Will interview candidates graduating
16. Degree Levels
17. GPA Overall
18. GPA Major

Areas of Interest

Please check the certification/major areas that are of interest to you.

19. Interview all certification areas*
Yes    No   
20. If "No", please indicate the certification/major areas of interest
Birth-3 Early Childhood
1-6 Elementary Education
5-9 Business education
5-9 Industrial Technology
5-9 Language Arts
5-9 Mathematics
5-9 Principal
5-9 Science
5-9 Social Science
5-9 Speech and Drama
7-12 Counselor
7-12 Principal
9-12 Agriculture Education
9-12 Biology
9-12 Business Education
9-12 Chemistry
9-12 Drivers Education
9-12 English
9-12 Health
9-12 Industrial Technology Ed.
9-12 Journalism
9-12 Mathematics
9-12 Physics
9-12 Social Studies
9-12 Speech Theatre
9-12 Unified Science
K-12 Art
K-12 Career Education Director
K-12 Counselor
K-12 French
K-12 German
K-12 Health
K-12 Instrumental Music
K-12 Vocal Music
K-12 Library Media Specialist
K-12 Physical Education
K-12 Spanish
Birth -3 Special Ed. - Early Childhood
K-12 Special Ed. - Cross Categorical
K-12 Special Ed. - Severly Dev. Disabled
K-12 Special Education Director
K-12 Special Reading
Birth-12 Family & Consumer Science
K-8 Counselor
K-8 Principal
K-9 Art
K-9 Health
K-9 Spanish
Speech Language Pathology
Library Science & Information Services
School Administration
Engineering & Technology Education
Physical Education
Teaching English as a Second Language

Interview Schedule Requirements

21. Month request for interviews.*
22. Date request for interviews.*
23. Number of Schedules
24. Number of Interview Rooms
25. Name(s) and title(s) of interviewer(s) and special instructions
26. First Interview Begins
27. Last Interview Begins
28. Length of Interviews
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes
29. please specify
30. A.M. Break
Yes    No   
31. P.M. Break
Yes    No   
32. Lunch Break? (desired length of lunch)
33. Should we make arrangements for you to dine/meet with any Central Missouri faculty or staff?
Yes    No   
34. Name of Faculty/Staff

Student Requirements

35. The following documentation is needed for students to schedule an interview
36. If Other - Please Specify

Citizenship/Visa Requirements (Immigration Reform and Control Ace - IRCA)

37. Please select the appropriate Citizenship/Visa Requirements below. (REQUIRED)
We will interview all interested/qualified students
     regardless of current work authorization or visa status
We will interview U. S. Citizens and Nationals only
We will interview U. S. Citizens and Nationals, U. S.
     Permanent Residents, Temporary Residents, Refugees
     and Asylees

IF you selected "We will interview US Citizens and Nationals, US permanent residents, temporary residents, refugees and asylees," This does not include practical training only authorization.

My company hereby affirms it is an equal opportunity employer, offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability or citizenship unless legally required, and provides equal employment opportunity to disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era. By electronically submitting this form, the employer agrees to abide by the listed terms and conditions.

38. Name
39. Title
40. Company
41. Date