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Leadership To Go Presenter Request Form

Hello. The Office of Student Activities is launching a new program to take leadership training and development to student groups and organizations on campus. We are interested in taping into the expertise of the professional faculty and staff at UCM. If you would be interested in being a presenter for this program please fill out the following application. Once you have completed the form your information will be sent and saved with the Graduate Assistant for Student Leadership in the Office of Student Activities. Shortly after the completion of your application, you will be contacted by the Graduate Assistant for more details on your workshop length and description. Thank you again and please proceed below.

1. Name:*
2. Department:
3. Email:
4. On-campus Phone Number:
5. Please select the following workshop(s) you would like to have presented:*
True Colors
Myers Briggs
Mission Statements
Winning Mental Attitude
Team Motivation
Attracting and Engaging New Members
Meeting Management
Dealing with Conflict
Team Building/Ice Breaking
Parliamentary Procedures
Time Management
Goal Setting
Constitution and By-Laws
Event Planning and Marketing
Resume Building
Publicity and Marketing
6. Please note other sessions not described above:
7. Can you present outside of normal business hours?
Yes    No