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Graduate Assistant Questionnaire

The following questionnaire was developed to assist the Graduate Studies Office to make the GA experience at UCM profitable and rewarding. Your candid response to the questions will assist the Dean in recommending any changes in the present system. Thank you for your help.

Age range
Marital Status
Your assistantship was in:*
How many semesters have you been a GA?*
Your assistantship was classified as (check one or more as appropriate):
How did you learn about the assistantship?*
Is your assistantship this semester a:
Approximately how many hours a week do you work as a graduate assistant?*
To what extent did your graduate assistantship appointment influence your choice of graduate schools?*
To what extent is your assistantship (tasks performed) relevent to your career goals?*
To what extent did your supervisor discuss with you the specific responsibilities of our assistantship with you prior to the time you began work?*
To what extent did you consider the instructions by your supervisor adequate?*
Have you ever been formally evaluated by your supervisor?*
If you have been formally evaluated by your supervisor, was the evaluation:
Would you like more frequent evaluations about your work?*
How much of a contribution do you believe you are making to your department/area?*
How do you believe the department/area values your services?
Does having a graduate assistantship impede your progress toward completion of your degree?
To what extend do you believe your responsibilities match your abilities?*
Do you consider the compensation you receive plus the fee waiver a fair compensation?


Did you attend the Teaching Excellence training session held just before the start of the Fall semester?*
If you attended, to what degree did you think the session was valuable?*
Prior to and during the semester, to what extent has the department provided specific instruction and consultation in teaching techniques, test preparation and/or grading?*
Are you paired with an experienced faculty member who is teaching or has taught another section of the same course?*
Have you ever been formally evaluated by your students?*
If you have been formally evaluated by your students was the evaluation: *
Other comments or suggestions regarding graduate assistantships: