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Success Questions - Success Program

In order to better understand your qualifications we ask you to complete the following questions. Your responses will be used to determine if you are admitted into the Success Program and to UCM. Be sure that each of your responses is written in complete and grammatically correct sentences and includes specific details and examples (400 word maximum per question). Your responses will be considered your best effort and an indication of your college readiness.

You will want to allow at least 30 to 45 minutes to answer these questions. There is NO save option so if you exit before you are finished you will need to start over. We strongly recommend that you draft your responses in a word document and then ask someone to read them and give you feedback. Make your corrections and then you can copy and paste your answers into this document. This will help you provide the most complete and grammatically correct responses. Your responses to these questions will determine if you are admitted into the Success Program.

1. First Name*
2. Last Name*
3. Date of Birth*
4. E-Mail Address*
5. Many students enter college with different goals in mind. Some students see college as the chance to prepare for a job. Others see it as an opportunity to expand their knowledge in many areas and to find themselves. Others attend college because someone else expects it of them. Explain your primary motive for attending college. *
6. An important characteristic for success in the adult world is the ability to learn on your own. Give an example of a skill or an area of knowledge that you have learned on your own. Please select a skill or area other than school or extracurricular school activities. Explain how you became interested and what you did to improve. *
7. Most students today must overcome obstacles or some type of adversity to be successful. What has been the most difficult situation or experience you have encountered and how did you handle that difficult situation? Did you get help from someone? *
8. In order to get the most out of college, a student must be actively involved inside and outside of the classroom. Discuss your extracurricular involvement and leadership in organizations, in your community and/or your school.*
9. In order to be the most successful a person can be, he or she must be aware of his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a student and as a person. Explain how you plan to use your strengths to be successful in college and how you plan to manage your weaknesses.*
10. The expectations, daily routines and level of learning in college are much different than high school. What do you expect to be the greatest difference between high school and college? *