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File Review Request for Scholarships


A student who fails to meet the renewal criteria of a UCM scholarship may request a file review when his/her cumulative UCM grade-point average meets or exceeds that required for reinstatement, provided the student has also earned at least 24 UCM undergraduate credit hours during the twelve months prior to the semester of reinstatement.


Students who meet or exceed the reinstatement criteria for their former scholarship may submit this request for a file review. Requests are to be submitted prior to the fourth week of the semester.

A list of scholarships which may be reinstated may be reviewed by clicking here.

I have indicated below which scholarship I received but failed to meet the renewal criteria. I believe I now meet the reinstatement criteria for this scholarship.

1. Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy)*
2. UCM Student ID#*
3. First Name*
4. Middle Initial
5. Last Name*
6. E-Mail Address*
7. Please place a check by each renewable merit scholarship you previously received*
Community College Transfer Student Scholarship
Midwest Student Exchange Program
Non-Resident Scholar Award
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Red & Black Scholarship
Second Generation Grant (1st Received as an Incoming Freshman)
Second Generation Grant for Transfers
Transfer Student Scholarship