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File Review Request for Scholarships


A student who fails to meet the renewal criteria of a UCM scholarship may request a file review when his/her cumulative UCM grade-point average meets or exceeds that required for reinstatement, provided the student has also been maintaining full-time enrollment at UCM each consecutive semester.


Students who meet or exceed the reinstatement criteria for their former scholarship may submit this request for a file review. Requests are to be submitted prior to the fourth week of the semester.

A list of scholarships which may be reinstated may be reviewed by clicking here and selecting Current Students and then Reinstatement Criteria.

I have indicated below which scholarship I received but failed to meet the renewal criteria. I believe I now meet the reinstatement criteria for this scholarship.

1. Today's Date (mm/dd/yyyy)*
2. UCM Student ID#*
3. First Name*
4. Middle Initial
5. Last Name*
6. E-Mail Address*
7. Please place a check by each renewable merit scholarship you previously received*
Community College Transfer Student Scholarship
Midwest Student Exchange Program
Non-Resident Scholar Award
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Red & Black Scholarship
Second Generation Grant (1st Received as an Incoming Freshman)
Second Generation Grant for Transfers
Transfer Student Scholarship