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District Supervisor's Evaluation of University Supervisor

University Supervisor*
1. How many visits did the university supervisor make?*
2. How many complete lessons did the university supervisor observe?*
3. Approximately how long was each instructional observation?*

Did the university supervisor... (please address "No" items in the comment box at the bottom of the form)

1. Keep scheduled appointments and/or inform student teacher of necessary changes?* Yes    No   
2. Spend sufficient time during each visit to address the needs of the student teacher?* Yes    No   
3. Adequately conference with you regarding the student's progress?* Yes    No   
4. Share a copy of his/her observation notes with the student teacher?* Yes    No   
5. Fulfill his/her role in a positive and enthusiastic manner?* Yes    No   
6. Establish good rapport with you, the student teacher, and other school personnel?* Yes    No   
7. Possess practical knowledge of the teaching process?* Yes    No   
8. Assist in addressing concerns you had about the student teacher?* Yes    No   
9. Provide clear and specific suggestions for you and the student teacher?* Yes    No   
10. Encourage communications between all parties?* Yes    No   
11. Exhibit genuine interest in the progress of the student teacher?* Yes    No   
12. Help both you and the student teacher as needed?* Yes    No   
13. Make him/herself available as needed?* Yes    No   
14. Provide an orientation to student teaching procedures and policies?* Yes    No   
15. How would you rate this university supervisor?* Excellent    Very good    Good    Fair    Poor   


Please address "No" items here and add additional comments as needed.