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Title IX - Sexual Misconduct - University of Central Missouri

Title IX FAQs

1. Do part time employees, adjunct faculty and grant funded faculty need to attend?
This training is intended to provide information, tools and guidance to all UCM employees on how to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct. All UCM employees are responsible for understanding its content; it is therefore intended for all UCM faculty and staff including adjunct faculty, grant funded faculty and part time staff.

2. Do ALL support staff need to attend? What if an employee does not have a lot of direct contact with students?
This training is intended for ALL UCM employees.

3. Do all student staff need to attend a training?
Training is being provided to student staff in Student Experience and Engagement due to their specific roles related to Clery Act compliance in addition to Title IX. When first entering the university, all UCM students receive basic gender violence prevention training through a program called "Haven" which is a mandatory online training module. For these reasons, most student employees (for example students working in departmental offices) are not required to attend supplemental training at this time.

4. Can I attend a training different that the one listed for my area?
You are encouraged to attend the training listed for your area but may attend a different training in cases of emergency or to guarantee office coverage. Please be aware that space is limited in each training. You should not plan to attend a college specific training unless you are in that college.

5. How can we accommodate Lee's Summit staff? How can we accommodate online instructors? What if I miss the training? How will new employees receive this information? What if an employee is out on leave, FMLA or vacation?
An online module for future new employees and off site employees is under development but is not available at this time. We anticipate it will be available in late August. All current employees should make arrangements to attend one of the posted training times. If an employee is unable to attend, the department will be responsible for ensuring that the employee completes the training.

6. How can we accommodate faculty and staff working unusual hours or who are unavailable during the listed time?
An evening training session has been added at 5pm on Aug 13 in Highlander theater.

7. How will attendance be tracked?
Faculty and staff will be asked to sign in and provide their employee identification number when they arrive for the training. This information will be provided to supervisors.