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Victim Bill of Rights - University of Central Missouri

Sexual Misconduct Victim Bill of Rights

If you have been the victim of a sexual misconduct, UCM is committed to ensuring you receive fair, prompt and respectful assistance from all University personnel.

The impact of violence on victims and the surrounding community can be severe and long lasting. We have established this Bill of Rights to articulate requirements for policies, procedures, and services designed to ensure your needs are met and the university will create and maintain a community that supports human dignity. This Bill of Rights helps establish University practices and processes for victims of sexual assault, stalking, intimate or domestic violence and ensures appropriate and compassionate treatment.

All students have the right to emotional and physical safety.

UCM is committed to creating an environment in which:

For more information on ways the university can assist you, please contact:
Title IX Coordinator: 660-543-4002 or by email at

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