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General Guidelines for posting Online and Hybrid Courses in Banner

Definitions for Online & Hybrid Classes:

Online – classes are 100% online with no required face-to-face meetings on campus

Hybrid – classes are 50-99% online. The instructor decides how many times the class will meet face-to-face as long as it is not more than 50% of the scheduled time for the class. Calculate the face-to-face time with the following in mind:
1 cr. hr. – must be less than 6 hours of face-to-face time
2 cr. hrs. – must be less than 12 hours of face-to-face time 3 cr. hrs. – must be less than 18 hours face-to-face time

It is critical that the meeting dates and times are put in Banner Meeting dates/times (SSASECT) and the notes section. (SSATEXT)

Inserting both dates and times in meeting dates/times and notes section will help students and academic advisors in the scheduling process. If the meeting dates/times are not listed, students could enroll in a hybrid class and another class that met at the exact same time.

Accepted campus and schedule combinations in Banner for building a class section: Campus type – ONL with a schedule type of ONL (100% online)
Campus type – HYB – with a schedule type of HYB (50-99% online)
Campus type – CSC (Summit Center) with a schedule type of HYB (50-99% online)

All three campus types can be used with the LAB schedule type

If you are meeting face-to-face on campus AND at the Summit Center you must list the class with a campus of CSC and a schedule type of HYB. Please call the Summit Center for room arrangements. If the face-to- face part is ONLY on campus, then the campus and schedule types of HYB should be used.

Online Entrepreneurial Courses

Campus type – ONL with a schedule type of ENT

Salary compensation for online entrepreneurial courses follows the procedure detailed in AP&R 12.

Online Programs:

Information about online programs can be found on our web site,, or by contacting the academic departments directly.

Entering HYBrid Dates in SSASECT-Meeting Dates Tab

Enter each meeting date.  Note: Banner requires that the end date entered is the day after the first meeting date so that you can then check the Day the class meets (e.g. Start 19-AUG-2015 End 20-AUG-2015). Tab to check box for Day; tab to enter Start time and End time. You can down arrow as many times as you need to enter each meeting date. Save after you’ve entered all of the date, days, and times.

Entering Hybrid dates (1)


Click the Meeting Location and Credits tab to enter Building and Room information. The Meeting Location and Credits tab should look like this:

Entering Hybrid Dates (2)

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