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Bachelor of Science

Criminal Justice


Central Missouri’s undergraduate criminal justice program takes a balanced approach of classroom studies and hands-on experience. Our comprehensive curriculum features courses in all the primary areas of criminal justice such as policing, courts, corrections and juvenile justice. Other courses of interest include criminal investigation, criminal justice management, victimology, international justice and terrorism.

The University of Central Missouri’s Department of Criminal Justice is one of the oldest and most respected criminal justice programs in the world. Since its creation in 1962, the criminal justice program has been among the leaders in preparing students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile justice, graduate school, entry into law school and more.

There are currently 17 full time faculty and approximately 790 students enrolled in criminal justice programs at UCM. The program boasts four student organizations which provide a wide variety of academic and professional experiences for students. Additionally, the department houses the Institute of Justice and International Studies.

Major Requirements


Core Requirements (30 credit hours)
*CJ 1000 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJ 1605 Orientation to the CJ Major 1
CJ 2010 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3
CJ 2300 Criminal Law & Procedure 3
CJ 2700 Introduction to Juvenile Justic 3
CJ 3006 Corrections 3
CJ 3010 Policing a Democratic Society 3
CJ 3600 Intro to Crim. Justice Research & Stats 3
CJ 3605 Junior Seminar in Criminal Justice 1
CJ 4020 Crime, Justice & Social Diversity 3
CJ 4605 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice 1
CJ 4503 Dynamics of Criminal Behavior 3

Departmentally approved electives (15 credit hours)

General Education Requirements (39 credit hours)
*CJ 1000 is used in General Education Requirements

Free Electives &/or Minor (36 credit hours)


Minimum Total 120 credit hours


Questions Regarding the Program


Dr. Benecia Carmack

Program Coordinator



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