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Ethics Policy
Board of Governors 1.2.180
Approved by the Board of Governors on June 21, 2006

I. Purpose

The purpose of the ethics policy is to clarify the university’s standard of ethical conduct for all University of Central Missouri employees.

II. Policy

A. The University of Central Missouri is committed to the enforcement of the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in an effort to provide the public it serves with the utmost confidence in our organization, educational services, administrative business processes, financial management and the quality of our reported information.  Furthermore, university employees have a responsibility to the students, parents, donors and other citizens of the state of Missouri to use university resources prudently, ethically, for the purposes for which they are intended and in full compliance with all laws and regulations.  All members of the university community are expected to adhere to the University of Central Missouri policies and procedures as approved by the university Board of Governors and university president. 

B. Every member of the faculty, staff and any other person acting on behalf of the university, is responsible for ethical conduct consistent with university policy and procedures.  Business activities undertaken on behalf of the university, whether with the public, other governmental entities, suppliers, students or one another, must reflect honesty, integrity and fairness.  The benefit of any individual may not be placed above the benefit of the university.  Even the appearance of impropriety should be avoided because it can damage public confidence in the university.

C. All employees designated as a decision-making public servant, as determined by the president, are required to file a financial statement with the Missouri Ethics Commission annually.  Forms prescribed by the commission shall be utilized and filed by the deadlines established by Missouri state law.

III. Procedures

The president of the university is charged with developing procedures to implement this “Ethics Policy.”  The president of the university should work with the general counsel, provost and university vice presidents to develop procedures that meet the standards set forth in the policy.


Link to procedure: "Ethics Procedure" and "Whistleblower Procedures"

Approved by the Board of Governors on June 21, 2006
Formatting updated August 1, 2007