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The Board of Governors has statutory powers to adopt rules and regulations for the guidance and supervision of the University of Central Missouri. The Board of Governors reserves the right to expand upon, alter, amend, or delete any rule, regulation, policy or by-law contained herein as may be deemed necessary or appropriate for the governance of the university.

The Board of Governors Policy Manual is published to communicate adopted rules, regulations, policies and by-laws to the campus community. Each section of the Board of Governors Policy Manual shall remain effective until revisions are approved by the Board of Governors at which time the revisions become effective immediately upon final approval of the Board of Governors unless stated otherwise within the rule, regulation, policy or by-law.

The UCM Policy Office will notify campus in a timely fashion of all revisions made to this manual and shall post new and revised policies to the Policy Office Web site found at Questions concerning the content and interpretation of the Board of Governors Policy Manual may be directed to the university’s policy director, general counsel, president or Board of Governors.


Citations of Missouri statutes of law are from the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri (2000) and are cited using the appropriate economical statutory citation format used within Missouri, i.e., Missouri Revised Statute (2000), Chapter 174, Section 55 shall be cited as: Section 174.055, RSMo.