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Office of General Counsel
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University of Central Missouri
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Approval: Approved by the President on May 18, 2010.

Authority: Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Responsibility: All Departments or Offices


I. Procedure

A. Email is the primary method used to communicate with students. All UCM electronic communications for students will be sent to the UCM supplied student email account. Alternate email addresses may be used for security purposes and for individuals who have not yet become or are no longer students at UCM.

B. Students are permitted to forward email from their UCM student email account to any other email account of their choosing. However, the risk of using this option resides with the student. The fact an email reaches the UCM student email account but not the forwarded email account is not an acceptable excuse for not receiving the communication. UCM will not be responsible for troubleshooting forwarding problems beyond the point of verifying that the forwarding mechanism is working correctly from the UCM system standpoint.

C. In the case of emergencies, information will be sent to all students by the Department of Public Safety or the Office of Student Affairs. Information pertaining to technology resources will be sent to all students by the Division of Information Services. Information pertaining to access to university facilities will be sent to all students by the Office of Accessibility Services. See UCM's Email Regulations at for further inofrmation regarding appropriate use and announcements via email systems.

D. Targeted emails for groups of students should be used to communicate with sub-sets of students (such as students in specific organizations, residential students, and off-campus students) whenever possible to achieve the goal of not sending numerous emails to disinterested parties. The tools to achieve this include: listservs, email groups, and MyCentral channels. If assistance is needed in selecting and using one of these tools, please contact the Infomation Services Help Desk at 660-543-4357.

II. You-CM System

A. Messages Sent Via You-CM

The You-CM student email system is designed to streamline and consolidate the functions of sending promotional and informational email to current UCM students on a once-a-week basis, each Monday morning. Promotional and informational email includes those notices of activities, events, etc. All campus constituents sending promotional and informational emails to student email addresses are required to use the You-CM system. Any exceptions to this communication method requires approval from the vice president for student affairs and will be sent by the Office of Student Affairs.

Examples of email messages required to use the system are:

Student emails automatically and currently generated by administrative systems will not be included in this system. Examples of these emails include:

Those authorized to use the online "University Calendar" shall have access. Rather than every UCM faculty and staff member accessing the system, every department chair or administrative director shall designate one or two submitters from their area to access the system. Access may be requested by completing the form located at Submissions are reviewed and approved by the Office of University Relations.

B. How it Works

Editors enter information into the system via a web interface. Required information includes sponsoring organization, subject line and a brief (two sentence) summary of the message. Additional text may be provided, to appear on a separate web page with the complete message. URL’s and links to specific web sites may also be entered into the system.

The system sends one email to each student once a week, arriving in the student’s inbox on most Monday mornings. Messages must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Friday of the week prior in order to be included in the Monday mailing.

All messages must comply with university policies and procedures, including brand messaging and solicitation. Although not all messages will be edited prior to publishing, University Relations has the responsibility for oversight and can suppress a message if deemed inappropriate or questionable.

The URL address to place content into the You-CM weekly student email is:

Administrators may enter the site via the university calendar admin section. All current calendar administrators will be enabled to enter messages.

The You-CM content page is at: