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Sick-Leave Policy
Board of Governors Policy 2.1.020
Agreed to by the Board of Governors on July 17, 2008; Effective August 1, 2008; Ratified by the Board of Governors on September 17, 2008

I. Purpose

The purpose of the “Sick-Leave Policy” is to protect covered employees of the University of Central Missouri from loss of pay due to illness or injury as described herein, which may render an employee incapable of performing the duties of the position. This policy provides employees with a means, other than vacation leave, to take leave to care for family members who require the employee’s personal care for medical reasons.

II. Policy

A. All regular, full-time employees of the University of Central Missouri (faculty, professional staff, support staff and bargaining unit) will accrue 10 hours per month (120 hours or 15 days) per anniversary year of sick leave.

B. If eligible for benefits under the Missouri State Employees Retirement System (MOSERS) at the date of retirement an employee may qualify to gain service credit under MOSERS for unused accumulated sick leave as setout in Chapter 104, RSMo. MOSERS' requirements are that the employee must first be fully vested, must be qualified for retirement benefits, that there be at least a 168 hour (21 day) balance in unused sick leave and that credit be awarded in 168 hour (21 day) increments, with any remainder forfeited. Each 168 hour (21 day) block equals one month of retirement credit.

C. Up to 12 days accumulated sick leave may be used per fiscal year for the care of illness or injury in an employee’s immediate family. For purposes of this policy, immediate family includes parents, spouses, children, siblings, wherever they may live, and persons living in the employee’s immediate household.

D. Sick leave, whether for personal illness or family illness shall be deducted from an employee’s accumulated sick leave.

E. In no instance shall employees separating from UCM receive a cash payment for unused accumulated sick leave.

F. Approved leave as set out in Human Resources “410 Bereavement Leave” and “409 Legal Proceedings and Voting” is not included in this policy and does not affect sick leave.

G. Faculty members may qualify for various academic leaves based on their particular circumstances. Policies and procedures regarding academic leave can be found in Academic Policies and Procedures.

Link to procedures: "Sick-Leave Procedures"

Approved by the Board of Regents on February 22, 1995
Approved by the Board of Governors on August 20, 2003
Approved by the Board of Governors on February 16, 2005
Formatting updated August 1, 2007
Agreed to by the Board of Governors on August 1, 2008
Effective August 1, 2008
Ratified by the Board of Governors on September 17, 2008