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Employee Vacation Accrual Policy

University of Central Missouri Policy

Policy Name: Employee Vacation Accrual Policy

Date Approved: March 17, 1998

Policy Category: Board of Governors – Professional and Support Staff

Date Effective: December 1, 2016

Policy Number: 2.3.010

Date Last Revised: September 16, 2016

Approval Authority: UCM Board of Governors

Review Cycle: Every three (3) years, beginning January 1, 2020

Responsible Department: Human Resources

Purpose/Policy Statement

The university values the contributions of its employees and provides as a benefit to its employees vacation time to be absent from work with pay. Vacation time off with pay is available to employees covered by this policy to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.


This policy applies to all university employees that accrue vacation hours.


For purposes of this policy, “employee” means all regular, full-time, non-faculty employees. Other types of leave are governed by their respective policies.

For purposes of this policy, “vacation time” is paid time off for which employees are compensated at their base rate of pay at the time of the absence. It does not include overtime or any other special forms of compensation.


All employees covered by this policy accrue vacation time at the rate specified in the accrual schedule below, based on their years of service, for each pay period of completed employment. Accrued vacation time is credited to employees on the last pay day of each pay period in which they have been employed for the entire period. Employees do not accrue vacation time for any portion of the first pay period for which they are employed that is less than the full period.

Years of Service

Hours per pay period

Max. Carryover per year

Max. Bank

Less than 4







More than 9



Exempt employees may use vacation time in minimum increments of one hour; non-exempt employees may use vacation time in fifteen (15) minute increments. Employees cannot use future, anticipated, vacation time not yet accrued at the date of the absence. Vacation time will not accrue for pay periods in which seven or more workdays are unpaid.

Employees should schedule planned vacation time in advance with their supervisor. Vacation time will be approved or denied, taking into account considerations such as the needs of the university and schedules of employees. Employees who have an unexpected need to be absent from work should notify their supervisor before the scheduled start of their workday, if possible. The supervisor must also be contacted on each additional day of unexpected absence, absent extenuating circumstances.

Accrued vacation time will be paid out to employees at the end of their employment with the university. Employees do not accrue vacation time for their final period of employment with the university if they work less than the full pay period.

Employees may not accrue vacation time in excess of 280 total hours. After an employee accrues 280 total hours of available, but unused vacation time, the employee will stop accruing vacation time until his or her vacation time balance falls below 280, after which vacation time will resume accruing up to a total of 280 hours.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Human Resources Office.