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Delegation of Authority to the University President

University of Central Missouri Policy

Policy Name:  Delegation of Authority to the University President

Date Approved:   Previous "University Publications Policy" approved by the Board of Regents on December 19, 1979;
"Role and Function Description of the President of Central Missouri State University" approved by the Board of Regents in October, 1992;
approved by the Board of Governors on March 21, 2001; revised and approved April 28, 2017

Policy Category:  Board of Governors – University Operation

Date Effective:  April 28, 2017

Policy Number:  1.2.040

Date Last Revised:  April 28, 2017

Approval Authority: UCM Board of Governors

Review Cycle:  4 years

Responsible Department:  UCM Board of Governors


Purpose/Policy Statement

The Board of Governors of the University of Central Missouri delegates the administration of the university, in all of its aspects, to the president of the University of Central Missouri. This policy describes the role of the university president.

I.          The role of the university president

The university president will be the chief executive of the university and executor of all decisions made by the Board of Governors concerning the operations of the university. The university president will assist the Board of Governors in the development of policy, and will be responsible for preparation of rules, procedures, guidelines and regulations necessary to carry out Board of Governors policies. The university president will be responsible for the promulgation and application of all Board of Governors rules and regulations. The university president will take all actions necessary and appropriate to implement any formal action of the Board of Governors.

II.        The university president will be responsible for:

A. approving all personnel appointments, except those for relatives of the president within the fourth degree of consanguinity as described in the Board of Governors "Nepotism Policy" (originally approved on June 21, 2000)

B. approving contracts and binding the university in matters not reserved to the Board of Governors and as permitted by law

C. preparing and presenting new courses of study consistent with the role and mission of the university, though Board of Governors approval is required for all new degree programs and courses of study

D. reporting regularly to the board concerning the effectiveness of instructional programs with regular recommendations for modifications, with modifications to degree programs requiring approval of the university president and presentation to the Board of Governors as information

E. directing the preparation of the university budget designed to support the educational programs of the university

F. overseeing the maintenance of financial records of the university and making regular reports to the board concerning the status of receipts, expenditures, debts and investments

G. consulting regularly with the president of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors regarding all requirements for regular and special board meetings

H. reporting the actions of the university Board of Governors to the university faculty, staff, students and the community at large

I. organizing the university for effective day-to-day operations; providing for continuous planning; making provisions for periodic review and critical evaluation of established procedures; and insuring continuous faculty, staff and administrative participation in university affairs

J. approving the contents of the Academic Policies and ProceduresStaff HandbookStudent Guide to Good Decision Making, and other university catalogs and publications, consistent with policies established by the Board of Governors.

III.        Consistent with the functions described above, the university president shall also:

A. develop effective lines of communication for the university community. The university president shall annually prepare an organizational chart which will be the model through which effective communications may be described. In addition, the university president is responsible to work directly with various university constituents, incorporating input from members of the Board of Governors, faculty and student senates, the various employee councils, and the Strategic Leadership Team.

B. delegate responsibility to various campus administrators consistent with the organizational chart and to monitor the implications and decisions made at all administrative levels

C. establish a Strategic Leadership Team which, as a group, is representative of all campus constituencies. The Strategic Leadership Team assists the university president in monitoring all aspects of day-to-day operations of the campus

D. serve as the official university representative to various external publics and establish the means to effectively communicate to those publics the services available from the University of Central Missouri 

E. provide the means for continuous evaluation of programs, personnel and product

F. provide both internal and external leadership which focuses upon:

    1. the role of the university
    2. the need for planned change
    3. the need for collegial governance
    4. the importance of open, active intellectual dialogue and debate
    5. set annual goals which describe the strategic plan of the university. The strategic plan will determine modifications in the role and mission of the university and be used as the basis for resource (re)allocation.


This policy applies to the powers of the president of the university.