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Faculty Classification
Board of Governors Policy 2.2.040
Approved by the Board of Governors on May 18, 2005

Faculty at the University of Central Missouri will be classified as non-tenure-track, tenure-track or tenured and appointed to positions as set forth in this policy and university procedures.

I. Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Non-tenure-track faculty can be full time or part time. They fulfill classroom instruction or other faculty-related assignments and may be expected to meet other faculty responsibilities in the areas of scholarship/creative activity and university service as negotiated with the chair and the dean. They engage in professional development and maintain licensure requirements relevant to their discipline.

Non-tenure-track faculty are not eligible for tenure, promotion or participation in decisions relating to tenure or promotion. Their appointments are made for a semester, an academic year, or under special circumstances, multiple academic years. Multiple-year contracts require the approval of the provost and will not exceed three years. Non-tenure-track faculty with one semester appointments are not eligible for benefits. All three types of contracts can be renewed.

Any faculty member can be dismissed for cause when circumstances warrant dismissal or pursuant to Board of Governors Policy 3.1.010, “Faculty Retrenchment Policy.” Multiple year contracts will state that if the university activates retrenchment procedures, the incumbents in tenure-track and tenured positions will be protected from dismissal over persons holding multiple year contracts. Processes set forth elsewhere in the Academic Policies and Procedures will be followed.

Faculty salary for non-tenure-track faculty is determined according to Academic Procedures and Regulations.

If a person who has served in a non-tenure-track position at the University of Central Missouri is a successful candidate for a tenure-track position at UCM, that person can request of the provost that the time in the non-tenure-track position be considered as prior service and included in the tenure probationary period in the same manner available to persons with prior service at other universities.

A. Adjunct faculty

Adjunct faculty are temporary faculty who are hired on less than a full-time basis to teach or perform other faculty-related duties. Adjunct appointments are usually compensatory. In such cases, salary is consistent with the credentials and experience of the individual.

Adjunct faculty appointments are extended upon the recommendation of a department and with the support of the appropriate administrative officers. Individuals receiving such appointments may come either from outside the university community or hold a non-faculty appointment at UCM.

Adjunct appointments do not involve a regular employment commitment. They are limited to one year and may be renewed on a yearly basis if so recommended based on need and the results of the evaluation of the faculty member.

Adjunct faculty teaching 12 credit hours per semester or performing other faculty-related duties at an equivalent level are eligible for health insurance and related benefits if serving for at least an academic year. Statutes determine when a state employee is serving in a position or a combination of positions that result in eligibility for retirement benefits. Adjunct faculty are not expected to meet faculty responsibilities in the areas of scholarship/creative activity and university service.

B. Full-time Appointments: Instructors and Non-Tenure-Track Assistant Professors

Full time non-tenure track faculty may be appointed as an instructor or a non-tenure-track assistant professor. Determination of an employee's title/classification (i.e., instructor, assistant professor NT) is made at the time of the initial appointment and based upon factors including professional credentials, experience, market demand and assigned responsibilities. An employee's position may be reclassified due to modification in assigned responsibilities (e.g., from instructor to assistant professor NT). Such a change in position requires written approval from the chair, dean and provost.

Full-time non-tenure-track faculty generally teach the equivalent of 12 credit hours in a semester or perform library duties at an equivalent level. They perform service duties, such as curriculum development, student advisement, committee work, and depending on the discipline, may provide clinical services. They are compensated in accordance with Academic Procedures and Regulations.

Full-time non-tenure-track faculty may serve a one-, two- or three-year appointment, subject to satisfactory performance on faculty evaluations and continued need, with no expectation of renewal at the end of the current term.  Full-time non-tenure-track faculty’s evaluations will include student evaluations each semester for all classes taught. Evaluations by the chair, utilizing student evaluations and other information according to departmental practice, will be performed each year.

C. Visiting Faculty

Visiting faculty may be appointed to the University of Central Missouri on a short-term basis at a rank determined to be appropriate by the dean, and approved by the provost.

II. Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty

To earn tenure, faculty members must hold a full-time appointment in a tenure-track position to teach or serve as a librarian. Other duties may be assigned or accepted so long as either faculty responsibilities or duties as a librarian total 50 percent of the faculty member’s responsibilities. Tenure-track faculty must engage in teaching, service and research/scholarly activity or performance as specified by the relevant department and according to university policy. Only faculty in tenure-track positions are eligible for tenure, promotion and academic leave.

A. Assistant Professor

Appointment or promotion to assistant professor is based upon potential for professional development and excellence in teaching. A strong academic record should be present. There should be a clear indication that the individual has the aptitudes of a successful faculty member and will grow in stature and eventually qualify for the rank of associate professor.

B. Associate Professor

Appointment or promotion to associate professor is based upon actual performance as well as future potential. Above all, the individual should still be demonstrating excellence in teaching while developing technically and professionally. A candidate for associate professor should be well on the way toward becoming a recognized contributor in a specialization relevant to his/her departmental discipline. It is assumed that candidates meet all requirements of the assistant professorship prior to promotion to associate professor.

C. Professor

Appointment or promotion to full professor implies that the individual faculty member is recognized as an outstanding contributor in a specialization relevant to his/her departmental discipline and as a contributing member of the University of Central Missouri academic community. In addition, the individual should still be demonstrating excellence in teaching. It is assumed candidates meet all requirements of the associate professorship prior to promotion to professor.

Approved by the Board of Governors on May 18, 2005
Formatting updated August 1, 2007