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UCM Traditions Keeper


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What does it mean to be a Mule or Jennie? You are part of a community that takes pride in hard work, innovation, diversity and a spirit of service.

For more than 150 years students have embraced the culture and spirit of the University of Central Missouri. Each generation of students upholds UCM's time-tested traditions, modernizes others and creates their own. We invite every student to become an official UCM Traditions Keeper!


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Have Fun!

As a student, you are already part of UCM's Mule Strong legacy. You can also be a keeper of some fun traditions, including: 

  • Attend the Get the Red Out street fair
  • Catch a free movie at the Union Cinema
  • Taste the official UCM cookie
  • Hike the historical trails at Pertle Springs
  • Post a snouts-out photo and tag @alumfromdayone

Earn Prizes!

Once you have completed each Tradition Tier, stop by the Smiser Alumni Center in the Elliott Student Union to claim your prizes:


Tier 1 (25 traditions) = UCM water bottle stickers

Tier 2 (50 traditions) = Charlie Hustle "Alum From Day 1" T-shirt

Tier 3 (75 traditions) = Medallion to wear at  graduation


Alum From Day One


Good luck in your Traditions Keeper adventure!





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