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Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Missouri Innovation Campus?

The Missouri Innovation Campus was designed through a collaborative effort of business partners, the Lee’s Summit R-7
School District, Metropolitan Community College and the University of Central Missouri. The goals of The MIC are to connect
businesses to a trained workforce that has specific skill sets, make students competitive in the marketplace and reduce
training costs. The Missouri Innovation Campus also uses an accelerated model designed to reduce student debt
and increase student retention and degree completion. 

What is innovative about The MIC programming?

This training initiative is rigorous, relevant and can be used with all of the Missouri Strategic Initiative for Economic Growth
target clusters, including advanced manufacturing, energy solutions, bio sciences, health sciences and services,
and information technology.
The instructional program is delivered by instructors who use inquiry, team-building, real-world problem solving and handson
activities to assess both the hard and soft skills required by business partners and their industries. The program is enriched
by several internships—beginning in the summer after the student’s junior year of high school—where business partners can
observe and assess the students’ abilities in real-life activities within the company throughout two or three years.

Why is The MIC program an accelerated model?

Students begin the program in their junior year of high school by taking not only courses required to graduate from high
school, but also college credit courses that position them to graduate from high school with an associate degree from
Metropolitan Community College. The final two years are focused on completing a bachelor of science degree from the
University of Central Missouri.
This accelerated model is a four-year, year-round program that reduces degree completion by two years for students finishing
their coursework on time as identified by their four-year plan.

How do The Missouri Innovation Campus business partners benefit from this initiative?

The MIC business partners benefit by hiring trained employees with specific skill sets and competencies aligned to the
needs of the individual company. These skills and competencies have been assessed in multiple real-world settings through
classroom instruction and on-the-job internships. Through the internship experience, business partners are able to interact
with students, shape their skills and see if individual students would be a good fit for their company, reducing training and
hiring costs.

How can my company become a Missouri Innovation Campus business partner?

Business partners are a critical component of The MIC and make the experience unique for MIC students. If you are
interested in becoming an MIC business partner, you can contribute in two ways:

  • Assist in the development and review of curriculum in your company’s program of interest.
  • Provide internships for MIC students in your program of choice.
Please contact Stan Elliott, MIC Director, at or 660-543-8256 for more information on becoming a valued MIC business partner.

What degree programs are offered through The Missouri Innovation Campus?

  • Big Data and Business Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Electronics/Engineering Technology/Design and Drafting
  • Software Development/Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Information Systems

Two of the six MIC programs offer an AAS degree from MCC. Those programs are Design and Drafting and Computer Science. All six of The MIC programs offer a Bachelor’s degree from UCM. Other science, technology, engineering and mathematics career field programs will be added through the oversight of UCM, in collaboration with MCC, Lee’s Summit R-7 School District and The MIC business partners.

What are the admissions requirements for The Missouri Innovation Campus programs?

1. Maintain good attendance in high school (95 percent overall) and good grades (3.0 GPA), and complete prerequisite coursework. For specific course requirements, visit the Summit Technology Academy’s website at
2. Score into college-level courses on the ACT or the ACCUPLACER placement test.
3. Submit your online application to Summit Technology Academy by going to the STA website at Check that you are interested in the MIC Program.
4. Complete and submit an Eligibility form and Student MOU form that you will receive at the MIC enrollment meeting in March.
5. Once accepted into the program, apply for admission to Metropolitan Community College and University of Central Missouri.

How is tuition for The Missouri Innovation Campus students funded?

One of the greatest obstacles to college completion is student debt. The MIC students will receive their first two years tuition-free, but they will be responsible for their textbooks and instructional materials. Additionally, The MIC works with students to seek new ways to assist students through student internships, grants, department and institutional scholarships, and low-interest loan programs to obtain their bachelor’s degrees with little to no student debt. Dual credit courses should be taken through MCC or UCM where possible. Those taken outside MCC or UCM will be reimbursed through receipt and grade transcript at the MCC dual credit tuition rate. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the program documentation to UCM for reimbursement. If a student drops or fails to obtain the required grade for a course, tuition for that course is the responsibility of that student and reimbursement to UCM will be required.

Who provides transportation for The MIC, including internships, at the respective business partners companies?

Transportation for The MIC is the responsibility of the student or sending school district. Student hardships in this area should be addressed to the director of the Summit Technology Academy and the director of The MIC.

How do MIC students acquire internships?

The MIC internship coordinator will coordinate the interview process for internships with the students and business partners. Students will interview at various times with the business partners before the summer at the end of their junior year and must have secured an internship to remain in The MIC program before starting their senior year in high school.

When do MIC students begin their internships?

Students begin their internship experience the summer after their junior year of high school with a paid, eight-week, 40-hours-per-week internship. This internship will occur each summer, as well as two days a week during the fall and spring semesters until graduation from UCM.

Are MIC students assured of a job through their internship with a MIC business partner?

A student intern is not guaranteed a job with the participating business partner but the on-the-job internship experience will increase job placement opportunities.




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