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UCM Strategic Plan


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University Mission

The University of Central Missouri (UCM) disseminates knowledge that transforms students into leaders who possess the aptitudes, skills and confidence to succeed.

Statewide Mission

The University of Central Missouri is a public, master’s level, comprehensive regional university and is designated as the state’s baccalaureate and master’s degree-granting institution in professional applied science and technology.

Our Vision

Every student achieves that to which they aspire and leaves exceptionally equipped, enriched and connected to UCM.

Our Values

Learn more about these UCM values on our Mission, Vision and Values page.

  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Opportunity
  • Service


Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1

Student Access and Success

Provide a welcoming campus environment for students of all backgrounds and provide opportunities, support and resources for them to be successful.



  1. Increase access to higher education through optimized enrollment management and financial aid strategies and via multiple delivery methods.
  2. Enhance student success, retention and graduation rates by providing a caring community, support and resources needed.
  3. Foster engagement through student-focused, dynamic and transformational educational and co-curricular experiences.

Goal 2

Academic Excellence

Promote innovative teaching, research and practice by investing in our personnel, academic programs and co-curricular programs that lead to enhanced learning outcomes.



  1. Provide a future-focused curriculum that aligns with UCM’s statewide mission in professional applied science and technology.
  2. Recruit, retain, develop and support faculty as teachers/scholars aligned to the academic goals of the university.
  3. Grow and strengthen excellence in graduate education.
  4. Foster academic excellence through faculty and student research, scholarship, creative activities and professional engagement.

Goal 3

Organizational Excellence

To hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability and show a commitment to good stewardship of our financial, human and physical resources.



  1. Align university resources with strategic priorities.
  2. Maintain a commitment to shared governance, transparency and communication.
  3. Establish and maintain a culture of assessment and data-informed decision making.
  4. Create and maintain efficient processes that enhance the customer service experience for students and other internal and external constituencies. 


Goal 4

Inclusive and Diverse Community

To continue making our university community more representative of our society and world, UCM cultivates an environment that welcomes and encourages the voices of diverse individuals and groups.



  1. Attract and retain students, faculty and staff who support a diverse campus community.
  2. Enhance and enrich co-curricular programs and supportive networks.
  3. Support the incorporation of diversity, equity and inclusion concepts throughout and across teaching, research and service.

Goal 5

External Relations and Development

Engage alumni, donors and other constituents through volunteerism and generosity to cultivate, manage and distribute resources in support of UCM while establishing stronger brand awareness through increased external partnerships.




  1. Develop and maintain meaningful engagement with alumni, donors and other constituents.
  2. Expand and maintain strategic partnerships with external constituents.
  3. Maintain effective engagement within governmental relations.
  4. Optimize resources through external grant funding.

Goal 6

Institutional Excellence and Enhanced Reputation

The unique qualities that represent UCM’s brand will be shared with key stakeholders in the region, state, nation and international communities.




  1. Identify competitive advantages and communicate them internally and externally to enhance the awareness of the university’s quality and brand.
  2. Utilize appropriate and effective integrated marketing methods to drive enrollment, enhance reputation and foster engagement.

Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals and Objectives


The Board's approval of these goals and objectives is a first step toward implementation of the Strategic Plan. The administration must now develop action plans, measures and key performance indicators which will ensure adequate progress toward attainment of specific goals. Units across campus will be charged with developing individual strategic plans that align with University objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan.



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