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UCM Strategic Plan Council

The University's Strategic Planning Committee, whose primary work concluded with the Board of Governors' endorsement of the Strategic Plan in August 2019, consisted of individuals representing a cross-section of the University. Committee members and their university roles were:

Strategic Plan Council - 2022-2023

  • Tim Crowley, Chair - Vice Provost, Academic Programs & Graduate Studies
  • Michael Sawyer - Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Nic Webb - Associate Dean, College of Health, Science, and Technology
  • Chris Lang - Assistant Vice Provost, Admissions and Analytics
  • Kelly Waldram Cramer - Associate Vice President, Integrated Marketing & Communications
  • Sondra Moore - Associate Vice President, Finance/Controller
  • Corey Bowman - Associate Vice President, Student Services
  • Jackie Jackson - Associate Vice President, University Advancement
  • Dan Jensen - Associate Professor, Management
  • Drew Burkeybile - Assistant Vice Provost, Graduate Studies
  • Kristie Brinkley - Assistant Director, Volunteer Services
  • Josiah Nyangau - Director, University Assessment
  • Josh Welker  - Director, Academic Digital Analytics
  • Meng Chen - Director, Institutional Research
  • Belinda Bell - Director, Accounting


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