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Teaching and Research Abroad

For UCM Faculty, Scholars, and Administrators

Current UCM faculty, administrators, and professionals have the opportunity to teach, research, lecture, or observe education in action around the world through UCM's partner universities and various other international education organizations. Through this program we hope to expand the global perspective of our campus and further internationalize and diversify UCM. International Faculty & Scholar Services believes that cultural exchange, along with education and professional experience, will increase positive relations between our campus and our partners while also allowing faculty to grow and expand their own knowledge in their field.

Apply now!

 A few things to consider for this process:

  1. Do you have a country, city, or university that you would like to travel to? If that place is not available, would you be willing to go elsewhere?
  2. Would you like to teach, observe, conduct research, or provide a lecture series? Depending on the country you go to, visa requirements may differ as to the purpose of the scholar, along with the amount of time you can stay abroad and the type of pay or compensation you might receive. It is good to have an idea ready before applying.
  3. Do you have a passport? If you do, as a general rule it should extend at least 6 months past the estimated end of your program. If you do not have a passport, you will need one to travel abroad and you may need to apply to receive a visa from another country.
  4. How long would you like to stay abroad? As a general rule, scholars who participate in lecture series might stay for a few weeks where a teacher might stay for a semester or more. Have a general time frame in mind when applying.
  5. Can you speak any other languages? In a majority of countries, speaking English is very desirable, and one can go abroad and not have to speak any other language. However, if you are able to speak another language proficiently then you might have more opportunities open to you as a scholar.

After you submit your application, you will work closely with our International Faculty and Scholar Services staff to choose a specific program for you abroad.


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