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Staff Council

The UCM Staff Council serves as the representative body of the staff. The purpose of Staff Council is to:

  • Promote and contribute to the mission and the goals of the university and advise the University President on matters of mutual interests
  • Serve as a representative of its members in such matters as may directly affect staff employees and to recommend changes in existing policy as needed
  • Promote high professional standards and to collaborate with the administration to encourage and assist staff in their pursuit of professional development
  • Foster and enhance communication and interaction between members of the Council and the university community in pursuit of a spirit of unity and cooperation
  • Encourage members to participate in university activities

Staff Council Representatives and Meeting Information

The UCM Staff Council is here to serve you! Click below to see who your elected representatives are, discover meeting information, or learn how to join a committee. 

Executive Committee

President, Beth Rutt,

Vice President,  Wesley Hobson, 

Secretary, Jim Pryde, 

Treasurer, Ian Billingsley, 

Past President, Jackie Jackson,  


Serving the Academic Affairs units:

  • Carol Knight, Design Specialist I for Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jill Larsen, Office Professional II to Dean of the College of Education 
  • Melissa Plummer, Office Professional III to International Student Services
  • Heather Stringer, Administrative Assistant to Dean of the College of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

Serving the Finance & Operations/ Integrated Marketing & Communications/ President & General Counsel units:

  • Ian Billingsley, Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Sarah Chamberlin, Senior Designer and Brand Specialist
  • Heather Jennings, Title IX Analyst
  • Joyce Lawson, Senior Human Resources Generalist/ Benefits Specialist
  • Kristen Plummer, Administrative Assistant for President's Office

Serving the Intercollegiate Athletics/ Student Experience & Engagement/ University Advancement units:

  • Kirsti Brunsvold, Director of Meeting and Conference Services
  • Wesley Hobson, Green Dot Specialist
  • Beth Rutt, Director of Student Activities and Student Recreation & Wellness Center
  • Ed Wirthwein, Student Standards and Support Coordinator

Representatives serving At-Large:

  • Don Kennedy, Admissions Counselor
  • Rachel Oglesby, Academic Success Advisor
  • Jim Pryde, Manager of Technology Support
  • Andrea Wiggins, International Student Advisor


Staff Council meetings are open to all staff members and are typically scheduled on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm on Zoom. A meeting is not held in the month of August. Check the UCM Daily for updates regarding upcoming meetings and the link to attend via Zoom. 


Contact Staff Council Secretary, Jim Pryde, at for a a digital copy of meeting minutes. Minutes are also published to the UCM Daily each month once approved by the Council.  


Standing Committees

Elections- Contact Judy Kenney at to join this committee!

Employee Appreciation- Contact Vicki Orcutt at to join this committee!

Fundraising- Contact Beth Rutt at to join this committee!

Recognition- Contact Carol Knight at  to join this committee!

Salary and Fringe Benefits- Charlie Rutt and Rachel Clements

Supervisors- Contact Kirsti Brunsvold at to join this committee!

Welcome- Contact Charissa Davis ( or Kim Nicas ( to join this committee!

University Committee Representatives

Faculty Senate International Affairs Committee- Andrea Wiggins

Learning to a Greater Degree- Heather Jennings and Sheree Moody

President's Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Jay Hicks

Technology Advisory- Trisha Agueros and Carol Knight

Traffic and Parking Policy- Rachel Clements and Jim Pryde


Staff Council Awards

Each year the Recognition Committee calls for nominations and selects recipients to receive monetary awards through the UCM Alumni Foundation. The three awards are the JP Mees Award, the Outstanding Staff Award, and the Staff Educational Award. Recipients are honored annually at the Staff Appreciation Breakfast in May. 

JP Mees Award

The JP Mees Award is given each year to a staff member who is classified as non-exempt and has demonstrated outstanding commitment to UCM, the community, professional activities, and service to students.

The JP Mees Award is named in honor of John Paul - or JP - Mees, a longtime and well-respected staff member here at UCM. Dr. Mees began at the university in 1988 as Executive Assistant to the President and Professor of Education. In 1994 he was appointed as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, and then in 1998 took on the roles of Vice President of Planning & Policy, and Executive Assistant to the President. JP was known to all as a warm, caring man who loved his family, as a dedicated and motivated employee, and as a trusted co-worker who always had a listening ear and a warm smile.

Past Recipients

  • 2021 - Darin Plummer
  • 2020 - No Award Made
  • 2019 - Michelle Taylor
  • 2018 - Gerianne Bliss
  • 2017 - Barbara Mayfield
  • 2016 - Paul Polychronis
  • 2015 - Jeff Murphy
  • 2014 - Joy Stevenson
  • 2013 - No Award Made
  • 2012 - John Culp
  • 2011 - Karen Hibdon
  • 2010 - Brenda Moeder
  • 2009 - Beth Rutt
  • 2008 - Carole Nimmer
  • 2007 - Dale Carder
  • 2006 - Jim Piatt
  • 2005 - Mike Jeffries
  • 2004 - Mary Alice Lyon
  • 2003 - Walt Hicklin

Outstanding Staff Award

The Outstanding Staff Award is given each year to a staff member who is classified as exempt and has demonstrated superior service to students, staff, faculty and community; models professionalism and a commitment to go above and beyond their normal duties; and promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Past Recipients

  • 2021 - Claudia Welhoff
  • 2020 - No Award Made
  • 2019 - Kristie Brinkley
  • 2018 - Rachel Clements
  • 2017 - Colette Tilden
  • 2016 - Donna Chaffee
  • 2015 - Marcia Clemens
  • 2014 - Duard Swope
  • 2013 - Tina Walker
  • 2012 - Becky White
  • 2011 - Barbara Fulcher
  • 2010 - Trish Hubbard

Staff Educational Awards

Staff Educational Awards demonstrate Staff Council's collective commitment to life-long learning. Each year we strive to provide scholarships for two staff members (one exempt and one non-exempt) who are pursuing degrees at UCM. Applications are accepted through UCM Scholarship Finder

Past Recipients

  • 2021 - Kris Cruzan and Angela Ford
  • 2020 - No Awards Made
  • 2019 - Matthew Rogers and Shelby Toalson
  • 2018 - Taylor Kinde and Presley Wehrle
  • 2017 - Tina Walker
  • 2016 - Felicity Buell
  • 2015 - Tina Walker
  • 2014- Sarah Catron

Education for Service Award

Created during UCM's sesquicentennial year, the Education for Service Award recognizes one current student, one faculty member and one staff member each year who are living examples of UCM's long-standing motto "Education for Service" and the UCM values of Adaptability, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Learning, Responsibility and Service. To nominate someone, please fill out the  Education for Service Award nomination form.



Staff Council President

Beth Rutt
Garrison 189
Tel: (660) 543-4381


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