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Elementary Mathematics Specialist, EdS

Mathematics Specialist Teacher Program

Advance your career, strengthen your knowledge of elementary mathematics and build your leadership skills with a graduate online Math Specialist degree from the University of Central Missouri. Our accredited Mathematics Specialist teacher program will ensure you have the content area understanding you need to coach not only students but colleagues, as well as the confidence to lead your school and district through program-level changes.

The EdS in Elementary Mathematics Specialist is a high-quality advanced degree program, aligned with National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, available to both residents and non-residents of Missouri.  After completing this UCM EdS degree program, current Missouri educators will be prepared for the DESE content exam. Missouri educators seeking to earn the Missouri EMS add-on teaching certificate must complete the required coursework and pass the content exam before applying for the add-on certificate.  Adding this certification to your credentials will qualify you for a broader range of jobs in elementary education, including leadership roles.

UCM’s Education Specialist degree in Elementary Mathematics program is offered to make an advanced degree in the field accessible to working educators like you. You can complete internships in your current classroom, giving you practical experience that will serve you not only in the future but also in your current administrative environment.

Why choose an EdS math specialist degree?

UCM’s Education Specialist degree in Elementary Mathematics is designed for practicing math teachers looking to advance their leadership skills along with their understanding of the content area and pedagogy. A Mathematics Specialist degree can dramatically enhance your career options and earning potential without requiring the significant time and financial investment of a doctoral degree program.

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#1 most focused Math Ed college in MO

What you will study

UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist EdS degree program builds your expertise in major mathematics concepts, procedures and pedagogy. Our virtual learning platform facilitates meaningful connection with your peers and expert faculty while enabling you to put new concepts and techniques to work immediately in your own classroom. 

In the Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program at UCM, you’ll gain an advanced understanding of:

  • Mathematical concepts: UCM’s Mathematics Specialist teacher program will strengthen your mastery of mathematics. Refresh and deepen your understanding of numbers and operations, rational numbers and proportional reasoning, algebraic reasoning and geometry and measurement.
  • Leadership skills specific to your field: Learn the most effective ways to guide improvements to elementary math programs in your school and district. You’ll be able to lead professional development exercises to support your colleagues, improve student learning outcomes, become more effective in your current role and qualify for higher-level elementary math specialist jobs.
  • Original research methodology: In UCM’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct independent research in elementary mathematics education. Our faculty will work with you to develop your research and inquiry techniques as you write a research paper or formal thesis.


Excellence in Mathematics Education

  • #1: Most Focused College for Mathematics Education in Missouri (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 10%: Most Focused Colleges for Mathematics Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 15%: Most Focused Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in teaching elementary mathematics

The University of Central Missouri’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist teacher program emphasizes hands-on learning that you can apply immediately to your own classroom and educational environment. Graduates of our Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program frequently report that they find extreme value in this applied learning approach:

  • Internships: The internship classes for our Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program meet synchronously or in person to best support the process of applying your new skills. Whether you’re working on a program within your current classroom, at a different grade level or for your district, your graduate degree will be tailored to meet your goals and timeline. 
  • Professional development: Lean into your developing leadership skills by participating in conferences and other professional networking opportunities. Students in the UCM Elementary Mathematics Specialist teacher program frequently attend — and sometimes present at — the annual conferences for the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics and NCTM.


What can you do with a Post-Master’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree from UCM?

The University of Central Missouri’s Elementary Mathematics Specialist degree program will help you become a more effective classroom teacher and prepare you for leadership roles in math education. Elementary math specialist jobs include math coach, math resource teacher, math teacher in a departmentalized setting and math curriculum specialist. 

What you learn over the course of your Elementary Mathematics EdS will empower you to take your career to new heights anywhere in the country. Current Missouri educators will also qualify to take the state’s assessment for an advanced teaching certificate as an elementary mathematics specialist. Some school districts seek out candidates with this certification to instruct other educators.

If you decide to pursue a doctoral degree, the UCM College of Education is regionally accredited by CAEP, opening up the possibility for transferring your credits. 

Learn more about elementary math specialist jobs

Explore trends, salaries and outlooks for math specialist jobs in Missouri and across the country using the interactive tool below.




Financial assistance options for your Elementary Math Specialist degree

The University of Central Missouri has been providing excellent, affordable degree programs for educators for more than 150 years. Consistently ranked among top regional universities by U.S. News and World Report, UCM offers a graduate education that represents tremendous value.

As a graduate student in UCM’s Elementary Math Specialist degree program, you may qualify for a variety of loans, grants, scholarships, assistantships and other programs. Your financial advisor will work with you to identify how best  to finance your advanced degree, so you can prepare for elementary math specialist jobs without taking on excessive student debt. 

In addition to university-wide funding opportunities, you may be eligible for additional scholarships as a math specialist. You can learn more about what scholarships you may qualify for by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

If your experience in the Elementary Mathematics Specialist teacher program encourages you to focus on leadership in education, consider returning to UCM for doctoral study:



Additional Teaching Certification

Our program leads to an advanced Missouri teaching certificate as an elementary mathematics specialist. This will open new career options for you!


Statewide Collaborative

UCM is one of six universities in Missouri working collaboratively to offer the elementary mathematics specialist program. These universities have worked together for many years to design a program that prepares you well to work as a math specialist. Courses transfer easily among these universities.


Admission Requirements

  • Current teaching certification
  • 2.5 minimum undergraduate GPA



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