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Educational Technology, EdS

Education Specialist Degree in Educational Technology

Become the leader your students and colleagues need by mastering the tools and theory of instructional design. The University of Central Missouri’s online education specialist degree in Educational Technology will empower you to shape the future of learning.

Whether you work in a school or business setting, an advanced degree in Educational Technology from UCM will give you the tools to confidently guide instructional technology initiatives. The way institutions manage and assess their educational programs has a direct impact on participants’ success. UCM’s Education Technology EdS will prepare you to improve learning outcomes and create environments that can adapt to changing technology. 

100% online Educational Technology degree

The nationally high-ranking Educational Technology program at UCM has been offered online since 2012. Pursue your graduate degree from anywhere in the world with an engaging and time-tested virtual learning experience and the support of expert faculty who are dedicated to your success.

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100% online degree program

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What you will study

UCM’s Educational Technology EdS provides comprehensive training in the tools and methods necessary to identify, strategize and fully integrate the most appropriate instructional technology for any learning program. Learn to make data-driven decisions about educational technology, including curriculum design, assessment tools and much more. You’ll learn how to promote digital citizenship and train others in the effective, collaborative and creative use of technology in a learning environment.

The expertise in instructional design you’ll gain at UCM will also enable you to support your fellow educators’ growth. Use educational technology to help them craft differentiated techniques that connect with and engage more students, creating a shared vision for what equitable learning looks like at your institution.

This UCM Education Specialist degree program culminates in a research paper about educational technology, building on tools you’ll learn in courses such as:

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Educational Technology
  • Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • Research Problems in Instructional Technology


Excellence in Educational Technology

  • #1 Pick: Best Online Master’s in Educational Technology Degree Programs (, 2021)
  • Best Internships: Best Online Master’s in Educational Technology Degree Programs (, 2022)
  • UCM’s College of Education is fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).


Unique learning opportunities in educational technology

The University of Central Missouri has been training educators in the most effective methods of integrating technology into their curricula since the 1960s. Our roots in instructional design enrich and inform our leading-edge EdS in Educational Technology. We’ve brought our unique brand of experiential learning in a collaborative environment online, creating a highly effective 100% online degree program:

  • Work closely with Educational Technology faculty: Tailor your education specialist degree to best support your growth and goals as an educator. All program faculty have deep experience to share, with specialties ranging from virtual reality to differentiated learning, and have conducted their own meaningful and peer-reviewed research in the field. 
  • Publish a final research paper: With expert faculty guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your own original research and analysis skills and make a significant contribution to the field of educational technology with your final research paper. If your master’s degree was in educational technology, the research paper will be a more in-depth formal thesis. Carry the tools and theories from your research into your career and become a lifelong innovator of instructional technology.


What can you do with a degree in Educational Technology from UCM?

Emerging technologies are essential to today’s learning and work environments. What you’ll learn about educational technology in your EdS degree program will enable you to support your colleagues, administrators and students as they navigate this constantly changing territory. 

The skills you’ll acquire with UCM’s Educational Technology EdS will enhance your career development in nearly any field. Program graduates are qualified for technology-related leadership roles in school systems. School administration, libraries and corporate or military training programs also rely on experts in educational technology.

Learn more about educational technology jobs

Whether you’re earning your EdS in Educational Technology to prepare for a new career or to achieve at a higher level in your current role, you can expect to be a desirable candidate for instructional technology-related positions. Use our interactive tool below to find out more about job trends in the field.




Financial assistance options for your Educational Technology degree

The University of Central Missouri’s Educational Technology program has been ranked top in the nation for both quality and affordability. Earning your Education Specialist degree in Educational Technology at UCM is a smart investment in your future.

UCM has been training educators for more than 150 years. We’re committed to your success, and we’ll work with you to identify the best options to finance your advanced degree, including scholarships, grants and other awards.

Learn more about what scholarships you may be eligible for by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.



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Take your degree further.

Your Education Specialist degree will qualify you for most leadership jobs in Educational Technology, and if you decide to pursue doctoral studies you can transfer your EdS credits to our EdD partner program at Murray State.

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Explore programs related to educational technology.

If your career goals include leadership within education, consider these additional Education Specialist degree programs at UCM:


Student Learning Outcomes

As a graduate with an Education Specialist in Educational Technology degree, you will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Inspire and participate in the development and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformational change throughout the instructional environment
  • Assist teachers in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students
  • Create and support effective digital-age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students
  • Conduct needs assessments, develop technology-related professional learning programs, and evaluate the impact on instructional practice and student learning
  • Model and promote digital citizenship
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in content, pedagogical, and technological areas as well as adult learning and leadership and are continuously deepening their knowledge and expertise
  • Interpret, conduct, and contribute to the scholarly research of the field

Entrance Requirements

Acceptance into the program requires a master's degree from an accredited institution and a 3.25 or higher cumulative graduate GPA.

Course Sequencing

PSY 5050: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, INST 5900: Introduction to Research Methods in Educational Technology, and INST 6950: Seminar in Educational Technology should be taken prior to INST 6960: Research Problems in Instructional Technology. INST 6920: Advanced Practicum in Instructional Technology should be taken in your final semester or as close as possible to the end. Your elective choices will vary depending upon your background in educational technology. Other than that, you can take most courses in any order. Contact your advisor for more information and advice.

Program Requirements

We believe that hands-on experience is ideal. At the end of the program, you’ll complete an advanced practicum at your own school or another location of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to tie together everything you learned throughout your courses with local experts and real life scenarios.

EdS students have a research component which includes writing a research paper (INST 6960). As an elective you also have an opportunity to complete a thesis (INST 6990) if you so choose. The research paper is a literature review of peer reviewed library resources, and the thesis is original research conducted by you with findings that would be of interest to the development of the field.

Throughout the program you’ll also collect assignments and activities that you’ll showcase in an online portfolio. By the time you graduate you’ll have an end product that you can share with others as well as a way to make connections between accreditation standards and what you have learned.


UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


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