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UCM farm student workers discussing ear tags for newly born goats.


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Agricultural Science - Area 2: Animal Science BS

Studying Life Science

As a student in the University of Central Missouri's Agricultural Science program with an Animal Science emphasis, you will apply life science knowledge to the study of animal breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology, growth, behavior, and management. Our curriculum can be applied to a great variety of species, from farm animals to pets to laboratory animals. With the help of our faculty, you will prepare for employment immediately upon graduation or to enter graduate or professional schools to obtain advanced degrees.


Hands-on Learning

You will learn by doing! Faculty supervise laboratory opportunities on the university’s 260-acre farm. The farm maintains a registered heard of Simmental cattle and Angus cattle to broaden the scope of animal science involvement. To enhance student knowledge and experience, our equipment includes a Heatwatch system for monitoring breeding activities, as well as an ultra-sound system.

Meet Dr. Kyle Lovercamp

Dr. Lovercamp joined the agriculture department faculty as an assistant professor of agriculture in 2009. His primary responsibilities in the agriculture department include teaching and research in the area of animal science with a focus on porcine reproductive physiology.

Dr. Lovercamp grew up on his family’s production livestock and grain farm in west-central Missouri. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree at Central Missouri State University, Dr. Lovercamp pursued graduate degrees at the University of Missouri – Columbia (M.S.) and North Carolina State University (Ph.D.). 

While at North Carolina State University, Dr. Lovercamp also was employed as a technician for the Extension Swine Husbandry group in the animal science department. Dr. Lovercamp’s research seeks to identify seminal components which affect male fecundity and develop diagnostic tools to aid in determination of a male’s potential fertility.

Kyle Lovercamp
Associate Professor
G 126 B
Tel: (660)543-8094
Fax: (660)543-4355


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