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Studio Art, BFA - Area 3: Ceramics

Ceramics Bachelor of Fine Arts

A career founded on your passion for ceramics is one that will prove worthwhile. A studio art degree with an emphasis in ceramics can help you not only develop and sharpen technical skills but also expand your creative practice and better prepare you for a career in the creative arts. Learn how a well-respected bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree from the University of Central Missouri can help your art and career flourish.

A Studio Art program recognized for quality education

Since 1986, UCM’s Art degree programs, including Ceramics, have maintained certification by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design for their superior quality. This means you can be confident in the education you’ll receive when completing your studio art degree with an emphasis in ceramics. 

Studio classes are held on our Warrensburg campus and led by artistic professionals who share your passion for ceramics and actively maintain their own studio practice.

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NASAD-accredited program since 1986

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16:1 or fewer student-faculty ratio

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Dedicated ceramics facility

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Classes led by active ceramicists

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An affordable, four-year Ceramics degree

What you will study

No matter your experience and skills, the UCM Ceramics program will teach you contemporary and traditional practices and help you develop technical proficiency and aesthetic maturity. Get hands-on experience under the guidance of professionally active UCM faculty to build and master skills in wheel throwing, hand building, figure construction, mold making and slip casting, and explore mixed media and installation. As your knowledge and skills advance, we’ll conduct glaze research to further develop your creative process and professional practice.

What you’ll gain in the Ceramics emphasis of the UCM’s Studio Art program

The end goal is to instill a sense of curiosity and the importance of a creative practice, while you develop your own unique artistic style and learn how to market yourself in a professional manner. Expect to graduate not only with a ceramics based studio art degree but also with a professional portfolio that highlights your creative practice to potential graduate programs, residencies, employers or clients.


Excellence in Ceramics

  • The University of Central Missouri’s Department of Art and Design has maintained National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) accreditation since 1986. As the state’s only four-year public school to be recognized by NASAD, UCM ensures quality education as part of your UCM Ceramics degree. 
  • A Best Value Bachelor’s Degree College for Fine and Studio Arts (College Factual, 2022)
  • A Best Value College for Fine Arts (College Factual, 2022)
  • A Best Value Bachelor’s Degree College for Fine Arts (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in UCM’s Ceramics program

The only way to gain a true understanding and practice of ceramics is through hands-on education. At the University of Central Missouri, we help ensure this within our well-equipped, 3,800-square-foot fine arts building and using our outdoor kiln pad dedicated to ceramics. In our ceramics studio, expect to find:

  • A clay mixing room with a Soldner clay mixer
  • A dedicated wheel-throwing room
  • A dedicated room for hand building
  • A glaze lab for making and testing glaze
  • Six electric kilns, a 30-cubic-foot gas kiln and two raku kilns
  • Semi-private work areas for Ceramics majors

Other ways to get hands-on learning as part of your UCM Ceramics degree include:

  • UCM Clay Club: Join this ceramics-focused student organization for the opportunity to meet with fellow art students once a week and discuss ideas or create as a community. Together, you may also attend regional and national clay events and host renowned visiting artists.
  • Collaborative learning: Participate in an independent study critique group to discuss your research and topics related to professional development. 
  • Visiting artists: Join us when visiting artists come to campus for demos, as well as student critiques.

Check with faculty of UCM’s Ceramics program for other means for experiential learning, including ways to use your craft to give back to the community.


What can you do with a Studio Art, Ceramics degree from UCM?

We chose ceramics because we are passionate about creating. Whether you become a ceramic artist, pursue a career in other fine arts or become an educator, a UCM Studio Art, Ceramics degree will provide you with a solid foundation to excel in your desired path. Our faculty are dedicated to mentoring you for success in the field or in your efforts to further your education with a master’s degree. 

Understanding your options with a Studio Art degree

To help you easily explore career opportunities of a studio art degree with an emphasis in ceramics from UCM, we offer the interactive tool below. Learn your potential now and for later as you examine titles, salaries and projected growth.




Financial assistance options for your Ceramics emphasis degree

Your investment in a studio art degree with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of Central Missouri is an investment in your future. We offer a variety of resources to help you finance your education, including information on loans, grants and work study. 

You also have opportunities for scholarships, such as awards from UCM’s Student Citation Show. Majors and minors in Art and Design, including the Studio Art program, can submit their work for a chance to win.

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.

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Make yourself more marketable.


Broaden your knowledge of art and further develop your creative skills and unique visual language with the following minor at UCM:

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Explore programs related to ceramics.


Many UCM students pursuing a Studio Art, Ceramics degree at UCM choose to double-major in:


The University of Central Missouri’s art programs are  accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UCM has been continuously accredited since 1986. Learn More about this accreditaion.


Laptop Requirement

There are technology requirements for this major. Learn more about those requirements.


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