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General Studies, BA

Individualized Major

Have you completed many credit hours specific to a major and found it’s not right for you? Has a life circumstance affected your ability to effectively fulfill your original major’s requirements? Are you returning to college to earn your four-year degree — any Bachelor of Arts degree — to get the job, land the promotion or simply check college off your bucket list? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the University of Central Missouri makes available an individualized program — the General Studies BA degree — to help you reach your goal. Let UCM personalize your undergraduate curriculum to put you back on the path to college graduation.

Revitalize your higher education with UCM’s Individualized degree program

If you’ve earned advanced credit hours — at least 85 — you can qualify to continue your undergraduate education toward completing a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from UCM. We’ll work with you to establish your remaining coursework, which may allow you to finish your degree online, on our Warrensburg campus or a combination of both. With a full-time schedule, you can be a UCM graduate and on your way to your next goal in two to three semesters.

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Katie Honomichl
Coordinator of Student Engagement and Transition, Lee’s Summit Operations
Online and Learning Engagement
Missouri Innovation Campus A110
Tel: 660-543-8480

Online and Learning Engagement

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Find your future at UCM

Begin your renewed journey in collaboration with a UCM advisor who will review your transcript, understand your goals and develop a plan for your individualized Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, which will include a modern language requirement. Upon its approval, you’ll then choose the courses you want to take to fulfill your remaining credits in specific areas that may include:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Science, technology and mathematics
  • Your concentration area

Your coursework will culminate in a capstone, which is part of your concentration area hours. In alignment with the Competency 10 assessment — which measures your knowledge related to your area of study — we’ll follow the guidelines of another UCM major of interest that has no prerequisites. For example, students interested in health care or sociology may want to take a course that compares socioeconomic status with health care access.

Focus your undergraduate studies with a minor or undergraduate certificate

While your General Studies degree isn’t specialized, you may still have the opportunity to focus your education. Your previous coursework may help you find an easy path to declare a specific minor or earn an undergraduate certificate and enhance your resume.


What can you do with a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree from UCM?

Military students, senior adults and working professionals — anyone desiring to put their hard-earned credits to use and see their college education through — have realized various goals with an Individualized Bachelor of Arts in General Studies.

As a graduate of the University of Central Missouri, you’ll qualify to apply for a job that prefers or requires a four-year college degree. If you’re already working in your desired field, your General Studies bachelor’s degree may earn you a promotion or increase in pay. Still, many students choose to continue their college studies and pursue a master’s degree to narrow their career path now that they have an undergraduate degree under their belt. Whatever your next steps, you’ll enjoy a tremendous sense of accomplishment with your General Studies BA from UCM.


Financial assistance options for your General Studies BA degree

As you make plans to return to college or to revive your efforts to complete your degree, you may be researching means to fund your Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. The University of Central Missouri is recognized for having some of the nation’s lowest tuition rates and for our low student debt by LendEDU. 

Resources to help finance your education

UCM offers loans, grants and employment opportunities to finance your education. Scholarships may also be available to help you realize your goals. Use the UCM Scholarship Finder to search opportunities. Our Military and Veterans Services Success Center provides tuition assistance and other support for our military-affiliated students and veterans.


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General Studies Individualized Major or Minor

The General Studies major is intended to serve as a degree completion program for students with advanced earned hours and is available as either a BA or BS degree. The diploma and transcript will read, for example: General Studies: Individualized Major. General Studies is not available as a double or second degree/major/minor. The following criteria must be met for a General Studies major or minor:

  • Students may only declare a General Studies major or minor after earning 85 cumulative credit hours.
  • A General Studies major must contain a minimum of 43 credit hours. A General Studies minor must contain a minimum of 21 credit hours.
  • The General Studies major is comprised of four areas: Arts and Humanities (12 hours, 3 upper level), Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 hours, 3 upper level), Science, Technology, and Mathematics (10 hours), and a Concentration Area (12 hours, 6 upper level).
  • Overlap with General Education is allowed in this program with the exception of courses used to fulfill the core writing competency requirements (ENGL 1020, ENGL 1030, ENGL 1080, and CTE 3060) and courses used to complete the mathematics requirement of the General Education Program.
  • Students in major programs that require a minor and are interested in the General Studies minor will work with a success advisor to create a 21-credit-hour minor plan.


How to Declare an Individualized Major or Minor

Only students with at least 85 earned hours will be considered for a major in General Studies. Applications for a minor in General Studies will only be considered for students pursuing majors which require a minor. The student will meet with a success advisor in the Office of Extended Studies (660-543-4984) to develop the General Studies major or minor plan. After the plan is created with a success advisor, it must also be approved by the Office of the Registrar and the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services (in this order).

For more information about a General Studies major or minor program, students should contact Ms. Katie Honomichl at or 660-543-8480.

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