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General Studies (Individualized) Major - Bachelor of Science

Individualized majors and minors allow students to create an academic program that is personalized to meet their educational and career goals. Students may request an individualized undergraduate major or minor not listed in the Undergraduate Catalog, but consisting of courses offered herein. An individualized program requires thoughtful planning and collaboration with the school chair of the individualized major or minor.  School chairs have the right to deny an individualized major or minor that is not based on these principles.  An individualized major or minor may include coursework across various disciplines, but must satisfy all of the following:

  • All General Education Program requirements must be met.
  • All university minimum requirements for a baccalaureate degree must be met.

The students’ program includes a signed statement indicating they accept full responsibility for the proposal, and understands that the individualized program may not be accepted or recognized by institutions other than UCM. Upon final approval of the individualized major or minor program, the student is notified by the Vice Provost’s Office and a copy of the approved program is filed with the Registrar’s Office.

General Studies Individualized Major or Minor

The General Studies major is intended to serve as a degree completion program for students with advanced earned hours and is available as either a BA or BS degree. The diploma and transcript will read, for example: General Studies: Individualized Major. General Studies is not available as a double or second degree/major/minor. The following criteria must be met for a General Studies major or minor:

  • Students may only declare a General Studies major or minor after earning 85 cumulative credit hours.
  • A General Studies major must contain a minimum of 43 credit hours. A General Studies minor must contain a minimum of 21 credit hours.
  • The General Studies major is comprised of four areas: Arts and Humanities (12 hours, 3 upper level), Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 hours, 3 upper level), Science, Technology, and Mathematics (10 hours), and a Concentration Area (12 hours, 6 upper level).
  • Overlap with General Education is allowed in this program with the exception of courses used to fulfill the core writing competency requirements (ENGL 1020, ENGL 1030, ENGL 1080, and CTE 3060) and courses used to complete the mathematics requirement of the General Education Program.
  • Students in major programs that require a minor and are interested in the General Studies minor will work with a success advisor to create a 21-credit-hour minor plan.

How to Declare an Individualized Major or Minor

Only students with at least 85 earned hours will be considered for a major in General Studies. Applications for a minor in General Studies will only be considered for students pursuing majors which require a minor. The student will meet with a success advisor in the Office of Extended Studies (660-543-4984) to develop the General Studies major or minor plan. After the plan is created with a success advisor, it must also be approved by the Office of the Registrar and the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services (in this order).

For more information about a General Studies major or minor program, students should contact Ms. Katie Honomichl at or 660-543-8480.


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