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National Millennial Community / GenZ Council

Elevating our Conversations


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The NMC/GenZ Community believes in creating dialogue between the younger generations and current professionals that is fueled by broadening awareness and understanding, advancing civility, and focusing on solutions.

Today's NMC/GenZ Community represents more than 44 colleges and universities in 40+ states; Washington, D.C; Guam; Mexico; and Australia. 

To date, the NMC/GenZ Community has held face-to-face conversations with more than 180 executives from 95+ corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. It's also taken more than 30 field trips to cities from Atlanta to Seattle and from Los Angeles to Vienna, Austria. Learn more by visiting its global site

Horn and Wood NMC

UCM NMC / GenZ Council Chapter

The University of Central Missouri is one of the 44 colleges and universities that make up the NMC/GenZ community.

UCM NMC/GenZ participants are highly engaged and future-focused public relations majors. They've traveled to San Francisco, Atlanta, Kansas City and Boston and met with more than 40 executives. They've participated in video-hosted round table discussions with representatives from McDonald's Corporation, Andrew McMeel Universal, Frito Lay, The Phillip James Agency, and more.

Contact Dr. Tricia Hansen-Horn for more details:


Tricia Hansen-Horn
Professor and Program Coordinator
Dockery 200B
Tel: 660-543-8635

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