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Piano Pedagogy, Bachelor of Music

From Warrensburg to the World

As a student at the only accredited bachelor’s degree level piano pedagogy program in the state of Missouri, you'll be equipped to teach children and adults how to learn piano in a single or group setting. In addition to your intensive study in piano performance, you will become familiar with the latest research and materials related to music cognition and you will apply those skills to your own teaching methods. You'll also learn how to manage your business and maximize your earning potential. UCM is proudly an all-Steinway School.

Learning Live

Great piano teaching requires experience, and the Piano Pedagogy emphasis at UCM includes teaching opportunities that start with carefully guided field experiences in your first semester of study, and continue with full semesters of teaching practicum where you have your own mini-studio. You eventually will be permitted to teach through the UCM Community Music Program with a salary and student performances. You will participate in the award-winning UCM Student Chapter of Missouri Teachers National Association and do community service with the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs and Missouri Music Teachers Association.

For more information and links to apply, click here to visit our main piano page.

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Course Requirements

The Music Department offers six options within the B.M. program of which Piano Pedagogy is one. Students will consult with their academic advisor to determine the unique course requirements for this option. Students must also complete all General Education and Major Core requirements.

  • MUS 1095 - Keyboard Ensemble (1)
  • MUS 1510 - Piano I (1) (8)
  • MUS 2300 - Fundamentals of Conducting (3)
  • MUS 2515 - Piano Accompanying (2)
  • MUS 3060 - Junior Recital (1)
  • MUS 3095 - Piano Accompanying Practicum (1)
  • MUS 3211 - Early Music (3)
  • MUS 3213 - Music Since 1900 (3)
  • MUS 3510 - Piano II (1.5) (12)
  • MUS 4060 - Senior Recital (1-2) (2)
  • MUS 4125 - Form and Analysis (3)
  • MUS 4201 - Piano Literature Through Beethoven (2)
  • MUS 4202 - Piano Literature From the Romantic Era to the Present (2)
  • MUS 4511 - Piano Pedagogy I - The Beginner (3)
  • MUS 4101 - Counterpoint I (3)
  • OR
  • MUS 4115 - Instrumentation (3)
  • Electives in the area (4)


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