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Secondary Education, BSE - Social Studies

Instill Citizenship Education

The BSE in Secondary Education, Social Studies option is a nationally accredited program that will prepare you to be a successful secondary social studies teacher (9-12). Throughout the program, students will learn social studies literacy, classroom management, assessment, technology and social studies methods. Each student experiences authentic classroom instruction through observations, microteaching, and internships. Through hands-on learning during all levels of the program, students are prepared to teach and participate in professional research/presentations and to be competitive candidates in the job market.

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Resources for Current and Prospective Students

Preparing students for a career in Social Studies Education takes a village.  Dr. Nance will guide students through the graduation and certification process with highly individualized advisement from freshman year to graduation, and sometimes beyond.  The advisement will include required coursework, assessments, paperwork, and certification.

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Research and Presentations

Since the first year Dr. Nance took over as director of the program, students have presented at National and State Social Studies Conferences.  Students use their time in the classrooms to research their own teaching and develop presentations to submit to the Missouri Council for the Social Studies and National Council for the Social Studies.  Freshmen through seniors have presented as well as former students.  Ray, a former student and currently a principal, has published with Dr. Nance in a social studies journal. 


Collaborative and Individualized Learning Atmosphere

In the social studies program, students experience collaboration with peers and the professor.  Learning is differentiated in the classroom through processes, products, environment and content.  Students experience learning in a variety of ways from individual feedback, supervision, and tiered differentiation, to flipped classrooms and teacher talk.  Individualized learning is very important for the student to flourish, so the program offers different ways to meet Dr. Nance for the student’s convenience via office hours, online meeting, individual appointments or email.

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Award Winning Faculty

Dr. Nance has won the UCM Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award (2017-2018), the Missouri Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award (2017-2018),  Region 7 Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Advisor Award (National), and the UCM New Faculty Award (2016-2017).  She is also responsible for her program being nationally recognized by the National Council for the Social Studies through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Her goal is to develop great teachers in a student-centered environment.



Featured Alumni

Our alumni are employed in schools throughout the state of Missouri. Read about their success stories below!



Ethan, Government, U.S. History Teacher, Head Basketball, and Track & Field Coach

“The social studies program helped me navigate my journey towards my first job as a teacher and a coach.  The program gave me first hand experience in the classroom by helping  me build rapport with students and use different instruction to meet their needs. Although a teacher first, my experience of coaching high school basketball during college and during student teaching helped me stand out as an applicant and become more confident in interviews and working with the principal and activities director.  Dr. Nance understands that coaching plays a vital part in school districts and supports all future coaches in her program.  Preparing me for my first teaching and coaching position is one of many reasons I enjoyed the social studies program at UCM.”


Jayden, U.S. History, Sociology, Civics Teacher, and Head Softball Coach

“Transitioning to a new university as a transfer student can be difficult, but Dr. Nance made the switch as seamless as possible. Immediately upon entering the UCM social studies education program, I knew it was like no other. The social studies education program ensures that students are taught research based instructional strategies with opportunities to practice these skills in real classroom settings. One of the most useful instructional strategies taught is Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) which allows students to connect cultural life experiences to those of their classmates and topics throughout history. As a teacher of color, this is an instructional strategy that I utilize as frequently as possible in my classroom to make students more self-aware of themselves and others.Because of the preparation I received at UCM and social studies program, I was able to secure a teaching position and head coaching position as a first year teacher. I cannot thank Dr. Nance enough for all she has done for me during my time at UCM!”


Asia, 6th Grade World History Teacher, and Middle School Track Coach

“I really liked the social studies methods class.  We learned hands-on by preparing lessons for our peers using strategies learned in class. We received peer feedback and feedback from Dr. Nance.  This was a stair step to preparing me to complete my 50 hour observations in a 7th grade classroom and then my student teaching at a high school. I also liked that Dr. Nance supervised me during student teaching giving me feedback that developed me as a teacher.  I also am bored in professional development because she taught me so many things.”


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