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Studio Art BFA - Area 6: Photography


The Photography Emphasis in Studio Art provides a diverse learning environment to prepare graduates with a technical, conceptual and professional foundation that will serve them in the creative arts. Students explore photography and videography as both a language and a craft, learning from experienced teachers who have worked professionally in the field. Skills in digital technology are taught alongside traditional craft-based skills, developing multi-skilled and multi-taskers who are versatile and furnished with a contemporary toolset for the ever-changing field.

Career Opportunities

The curriculum and faculty is focused on empowering students to adapt to the ever-changing creative environment. Students not only develop skills to become photographers but also build a wealth of transferable skills which often relate to further career pathways in the creative arts.


Students have access to a wide range of specialized facilities, professional equipment and the latest imaging software necessary for the mastery of the materials, equipment, and processes of the discipline. Photography facilities include both a commercial studio and a portrait studio furnished with specialized lighting equipment, a traditional darkroom, a digital printing lab equipped for scanning, editing, output and print finishing, and an equipment checkout available for students to borrow a diverse range of professional photographic equipment including cameras, lenses, lighting and video equipment.




The University of Central Missouri’s art programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). UCM has been continuously accredited since 1986.



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