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Career and Technology Education, MS

CTE Master’s Degree Online

Career and technology education (CTE) offers tremendous value in providing our workforce — current and future — with practical knowledge and skills. Take your career to the next level when you complete a master’s in CTE degree at the University of Central Missouri. Whether you seek administrative training or want to further your education and enhance your value to employers, UCM offers a Master of Science in Career and Technology Education degree with the flexibility to meet your goals.

A CTE master’s degree designed for you

The master’s in CTE degree program at UCM helps you fulfill any of the following goals related to CTE careers:

  • Become a CTE teacher or improve your teaching abilities
  • Achieve CTE administration certification to lead your CTE program or career center
  • Become an industry trainer and earn professional certifications

At UCM, we have the state’s only comprehensive CTE program, including courses in CTE administration. In fact, we are Missouri’s only program to offer CTE administration certification. Because you can fulfill your CTE master’s degree online or in combination with in-person classes held at central locations throughout the state, our graduate program is especially valuable to full-time working professional or out-of-state students who want to work at their own pace.

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Missouri’s most extensive CTE program

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Long-running CAEP accreditation

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CTE master’s degree online

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Only CTE admin certification in Missouri

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3 concentrations to meet your goal

What you will study

As you begin your CTE degree online with UCM, you’ll focus on core topics including performance assessment, curriculum development theory and research methods. You’ll then choose one of the following concentrations to dive into education specific to your career goals:

  • CTE Teaching Leadership Option: For certified teachers desiring new skills or for new teachers seeking public school certification
  • CTE Administration Leadership Option: For aspiring administrators or for current administrators pursuing additional leadership coursework
  • Industry Training Leadership Option: For individuals who plan or perform training within an organization and want to enhance their skills or leadership

Meet your career goals when you complete a CTE degree online

Expect to complete your CTE master’s degree online in as little as 18 months or up to two to three years. At UCM, we know you may also need to balance work, family or other responsibilities, so we offer options to tailor our CTE degree to meet your goals. Whether you wish to enhance your leadership or teaching skills, conduct research or pursue certifications, UCM faculty will be there every step of the way to guide you.


Excellence in Career and Technology Education

  • Top 15%: Most Focused Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)
  • Top 6%: Most Popular Colleges for Education (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in career and technology education

As you complete your master’s in CTE degree online, you’ll apply your learning in hands-on experiences. At the University of Central Missouri, our CTE degree uses a theory-to-practice approach, and the benefits are immediate. Plan to use today’s learning in your classroom tomorrow or be prepared for your future role on day one. For example, you’ll build budgets for a career center in our CTE Finance and Funding course and plan a new CTE program — or improve your current program — in our Organization and Administration of Career and Technical Education course.

Other learning experiences include:

  • Internships: If you choose to complete an internship, you can gain experience in your desired career field. Get insight into a new area, whether training in CTE Administration, teaching or a new training industry. Internships are a great way to see how academic or industry standards apply on the job.
  • Outside programs for course credit: CTE Learn allows you to expand your learning with online courses that will earn you credit toward your UCM CTE master’s degree. Two additional programs — Project Lead the Way and Engineering by Design — are designed for UCM students focused on engineering and technology. They provide extensive training to help UCM students teach engineering and technology and earn course credit. In fact, we’re one of a few schools in the U.S. to extend this benefit to our graduate students.

What can you do with a master’s degree in Career and Technology Education from UCM?

Graduates of UCM’s Career and Technology Education degree program hold CTE careers in almost every school district in Missouri, as well as in many of the state’s 50+ career centers. Upon completion of your CTE master’s degree, you too will be prepared to lead career and technical education as a teacher or administrator in many environments. These include:

  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Community colleges
  • Career centers
  • Organizations and industrial settings

UCM faculty are available to help you navigate opportunities for CTE careers. They’re also happy to work with you to transfer your certification to another state if desired.

Increasing your value with a graduate-level CTE degree

When enhancing your value as a teacher or gaining education to move into an administrator role, you’ll also increase your earning potential. Take a look at the possibilities that await you when you complete your CTE degree online.




Financial assistance options for your CTE master’s degree

Your investment in UCM’s CTE degree for administrative training or further specialized training in education can expand your career and salary horizons. The University of Central Missouri also makes available resources to help finance your education. These include loans, grants, work-study opportunities and scholarships.

Scholarships for master’s degree in CTE students

You may be eligible to apply for a number of scholarships available through UCM, the CTE program or alumni gifts. Among them are:

  • Jacob M. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
  • Edna Gehlken Graduate Scholarship in Home Economics
  • Reid Hemphill Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship

Search these scholarships and additional funding opportunities by using the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Take your degree further.

After completing your CTE master’s degree online, you may choose to continue your education with this UCM degree:

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Make yourself more marketable.

Consider earning one or more of these graduate certificates while you complete your CTE master’s degree online or at a later time to enhance your resume:

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Explore programs related to career and technology education.

If you wish to advance your education career or better assist students, you may also consider one of these UCM master’s degrees:


Student Learning Outcomes

The knowledge and skills obtained in the Master of Science degree in Career and Technical Education will help you:

  • gain an overview of the CTE field, including secondary, postsecondary, and adult education
  • investigate and reflect on historical and current issues, trends, and topics in CTE in order to develop one’s personal philosophy in CTE
  • develop, analyze, and implement curricular and instructional components consistent with curriculum and assessment design practices and theory
  • employ data literacy strategies to develop supportive learning environments and to improve learning. (e.g. Financial, programmatic, instructional, employment)
  • locate, critique, evaluate, and create scholarly writing/scientific research in the field of CTE
  • lead, develop, and/or participate in collaborative activities with CTE stakeholders

CTE Teaching Leadership Option

This option is designed for new teachers pursuing post baccalaureate professional teacher certification (Plan A), previously certified instructors pursuing additional professional teaching skills (Plan B), or new occupational education teachers pursuing initial teacher certification through DESE. New teachers pursuing post-baccalaureate teacher certification must obtain a certification plan and take existing teacher certification courses identified by the UCM Director of Clinical and Field Services. New teachers pursuing post-baccalaureate teacher certification in CTE should create a program of study based on deficiencies listed on their professional teaching certificate. Students selecting the Teaching Leadership Option must select Plan A or Plan B:

  • Plan A – Post-Baccalaureate Professional Teaching Enhancement
  • Plan B – Occupational Education Initial Teacher Certification

CTE Administration Leadership Option

This option is designed for current or new Missouri CTE administrators pursuing administrator certification and should be pursued consistent with the certification plan.

This option may also be selected by candidates planning to pursue CTE administration in the future or for current CTE administrators pursuing additional leadership coursework. If you work in CTE administration outside of Missouri or in a post-secondary facility, this option is the one for you!

CTE Industry Training Option

This option is designed for career and technical industry, business, or military personnel .who plan and/or conduct training in their environment or who desire to become more effective leaders in their current positions. This option will be tailored to the candidate’s specific needs in any CTE-related field.



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


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