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History MA

Explore The Depths Of History

A Master of Arts degree in History will permit deeper analysis and greater engagement with the subject than you have had at the undergraduate level. You will explore the historiography of different historical topics and learn what the historians have argued before your time. Then you will discover new ways to think about the past as you do your own research and you may take advantage of graduate student conferences to present your research to other scholars.

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A History M.A. With Three Tracks

Choose the Right One for You!

Our History M.A. program is designed to be useful for several career pathways. The Pre-Doctoral track will prepare you to enter a competitive Ph.D. program. The Applied Public History track will prepare you to work in the public history field. The Enrichment track is designed for secondary school educators who wish to enrich their knowledge and classrooms with a deeper appreciation of history. Our graduate courses are offered in evenings, summer, and online for working adults!

View the History Grad Handbook for 2020 - 2021 (PDF)

Pre-Doctoral Track

The Pre-Doctoral track will prepare you for a Ph.D. program in history. You will have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty advisor on your thesis and complete a comprehensive exam and a thesis in this track. Careers include

  • Teaching and research at the university or college level
  • Private and public sector research and grant writing

Applied Public History Track

The Applied Public History track will prepare you for a variety of diverse career paths in public history. This track features many hands-on learning opportunities and project-driven courses. The program culminates in an internship at such places as Arrow Rock Historical Site, Truman Presidential Library and Museum, or the National Archives of Kansas City. To graduate, you will be required to complete an internship and a public history project, as well as a comprehensive exam. Careers include

  • Archival and records administration
  • Museum studies and historic preservation
  • Park service and cultural resource management

Enrichment Track

The Enrichment track is designed for secondary school educators who wish to enrich their knowledge of history so as to improve their classroom experience. This track focuses on more intensive study of historical fields with additional seminars. This track is ideal if you want to study history for intellectual self-fulfillment, to improve your teaching techniques, or for other vocational reasons. It requires at least four seminars and a comprehensive exam to graduate, but no thesis or capstone project. Careers include

  • Secondary and post-secondary education
  • Law and state and federal government
  • Business: Tourism, Insurance, Publishing, Marketing, or Research


Dr. Micah Alpaugh
Associate Professor of History and M.A. Program Coordinator
Wood 136
Tel: (660) 543-4404


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