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Kinesiology MS

Studying Movement-Health and Human Performance

The Kinesiology M.S. program integrates exercise physiology and biomechanics to develop an in-depth understanding of movement analyses, exercise metabolism, and body composition. With a strong emphasis on sport performance, the program engages you in applied research which prepares you for employment opportunities as strength and conditioning coaches, as sport science research assistants, and at sport development centers. Our partnership with UCM Athletics allows “hands-on” interaction with NCAA College athletes in their pursuit of performance excellence. Additionally, the program benefits students interested in seeking a Ph.D. or doing original research in exercise science.


State of the Art Laboratories

Student at computer running a body composition assessment on a DEXA for another student who is laying on the DEXA table

Body Composition: Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)


Woman on the left is observing the woman in the center who is holding out the hand grip assessment tool. The woman on the right is holding a clipboard and ready to record the results.

Muscular Strength: Hand Grip Dynamometer


Student standing on the InBody body composition assessment tool. He is surrounded by his peers observing the assessment process with the instructor on the far right.

Anthropometric: In-Body Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis


Practical Hands On Experience- Cardiovascular Stress Testing

Two students assessing another student cycling on a bike. One is taking the exercising blood pressure and the other is monitoring the bike intensity

Two students practice taking resting supine blood pressure on the student laying on the therapy table

Students are attaching a blood pressure cuff to another student with electrodes on the chest

Biomechanial Analysis using Qualisys Motion Capture Technology


Kinesiology Master's Student, Dustin Davis, awarded Reid Hemphill Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship for his thesis work on endothelial function. 

Dustin joined the Kinesiology program in 2015 as an undergraduate transfer student. In 2017, he graduated as a first-generation college student and joined the MS Kinesiology program shortly thereafter. As a graduate teaching assistant, Dustin enjoys the opportunity to share meaningful knowledge about health and wellness with his students. Beyond the classroom, Dustin has contributed to several research studies, disseminated abstracts, and presented at regional and national conferences. Dustin is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and serves as a student managing editor for the International Journal of Exercise Science. In addition to teaching and research, he serves the graduate student body as President of the Graduate Student Association and as its representative to the Graduate Council.

Dustin recently accepted a graduate assistantship in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences doctoral program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). In reflecting on his time at UCM, he wrote, "I feel a profound appreciation for higher education and those committed to helping UCM students thrive. It is the guidance of UCM faculty and staff that have enabled me to succeed thus far. I will use the skills I developed at UCM to continue my education at UNLV." - Dustin Davis 


collage of images representing Dustin Davis, his committee, and his award

Dustin Davis wins UCM's Revered Reid Hemphill Scholarship

Dustin is joined by his faculty mentor Dr. Matthew Garver and thesis committee members Dr. Meera Penumetcha and Dr. Whitley Stone.


Watch his presentation below!

Students Jenna Carducci (left) and Dustin Davis (right) present on their current research involving exercise at extreme ends of the day. Dr. Matthew Garver served as the faculty mentor to both presentations. Kinesiology Graduate Students Represented UCM at the Regional Central States American College of Sports Medicine Conference

two students standing next to their research poster


Scott Strohmeyer, PhD
Program Coordinator
M 137
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