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Sport Management - MS

The Sport Management Advantage

One of the first Sport Management Programs to be offered completely online, the Sport Management graduate program consistently ranks in the top five on-line programs nationally. We offer graduate- level preparation for the exciting field of Sport Management. You look forward to opportunities in a broad spectrum of careers within the Sport Management field with faculty expertise in Sport Event Management, Leadership, Media, and Finance. Graduation requirements include either a thesis or internship option.

The sport management degree programs at University of Central Missouri have been granted Candidacy Status by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), located in Fort Collins, CO, USA


Our Mission

We provide a flexible online learning environment. Our mission is to provide sport management professionals with tools to lead at the next level in a wide variety of sport management industry jobs. As an online program with a diverse and international faculty, we strive to provide cutting-edge knowledge & research and serve the industry at the regional, national, and international levels.


Expert faculty- Meet the faculty

Five experienced faculty possess valuable field experiences as well as rich research backgrounds. They are the foundation of the service-oriented culture within the program. Each have expertise to share.


Learning Environment- What is the learning environment like?

All courses are not “open entry/open exit” courses; however, they are self-paced. Our courses make it easier for students to balance time between coursework and their personal or professional schedules. Course materials are delivered in several different formats, including guided instructions, discussions, and capstone projects. You will have exceptional educational experience through faculty mentorship and personalized feedback – most responses will come in less than 24 hours.


Program of Study-What courses do I take?

Our online graduate program of study offers both internship and thesis options. Our 33 hour, year-round program of study provides flexibility for practicing professionals as well as full-time graduate students - summer classes are an option. Students can reasonably expect to graduate in just 3 or 4 semesters even those with undergraduate degrees not related to the field. The courses reflect common competencies critical for professional success at the next level. A mixture of required core courses and electives allow students an ability to customize their program to fit their professional needs/aspirations.



Our experienced internship coordinator provides professional guidance for each individual. In addition to the personalized mentorship, we encourage students to network. Students can also find their internships through personal contact or outreach to an organization of their interest.
Our students intern all over the U.S. and world depending on individual career aspirations. We encourage students to be creative and explore internship opportunities available to them in their local areas. Recommended internship sites include professional teams, college athletics, schools, sport clubs/leagues, and community recreational centers.

In 2019-20 academic year, students showed 100% SM specific internship placement in diverse professional sport organizations.


Jobs-How successful are our graduates?

UCM Sport Management has a 96% of job placement rate. Our graduate program students are typically already successful in the field and are preparing to their next upward move on their professional journey.


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Dr. Ryan Kim
Assistant Professor
Dockery 110
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