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Geographic Information Systems Minor

Prepare for an exciting and lucrative career by complementing your major at the University of Central Missouri with a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) minor. The GIS industry is growing quickly, with applications in many different sectors. In recent years, GIS technology has been used to track the spread of COVID-19 and severe weather phenomena. It has even been used in mobile entertainment apps such as Pokemon Go, layering augmented reality on top of GIS data to display Pokemon characters in your location.

UCM’s GIS program faculty are experienced in the integration of this location-specific, real-time spatial data. They provide hands-on training in data collection, database development, transforming data into maps and computer modeling to assess, plan for and predict real-world situations.

Use your GIS minor to tailor your degree

With applications across multiple industries, UCM’s GIS minor complements a variety of undergraduate majors. You can use your GIS minor to make neighborhoods safer with crime mapping when added to a Criminal Justice major. Pair GIS with Biology to track animal migration patterns. Become an urban planner by adding the GIS minor to an Economics major. These are just a few of the combinations you could take at UCM.

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What you will study

A GIS minor from the University of Central Missouri will show you the world from a new perspective. Our program coursework gives you a solid foundation in spatial data analysis, mapping and geopolitics. You’ll also learn how to apply your knowledge to improve communication and decision-making using spatial data. Class projects such as land-use analysis, transportation modeling, weather pattern mapping, hurricane and tornado tracking, environmental pollutants analysis and precision farming prepare you for an exciting career in whichever field you choose for your UCM major. 

Core courses you may take in the Geographic Information Systems minor include:

  • Cartography: Study the tools and techniques of map making and geovisualization so you can make informed decisions based on location-specific information.
  • Remote sensing and image interpretation: Obtain and interpret environmental information using satellite data in real time.


Unique learning opportunities in geographic information systems

The University of Central Missouri’s Geographic Information Systems minor offers extensive opportunities to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real world. 

  • GIS technology: Work with geospatial tools and instrumentation to develop a deeper understanding of how GIS solves complex problems in a variety of industries.
  • Internships: An internship with a UCM partner offers practical experience and mentoring from GIS professionals. Choose from opportunities in a variety of industries and begin building a professional network for your future.
  • Workshops: In addition to program coursework, UCM faculty lead workshops on using the Global Positioning System (GPS) with GIS applications. Learn alongside your peers and professionals to deepen your knowledge of GIS applications. 
  • Research: Collaborate with your peers to solve real-world problems using GIS technology. Previous classes have applied GIS to crime mapping, natural resource management and easy mapping using drones.


What can you do with a minor in Geographic Information Systems from UCM?

With GIS becoming essential in so many industries, completing UCM’s minor in Geographic Information Systems will attract the attention of many employers. You could work in the nonprofit sector, health care, business, public administration and more. 

Civil engineers use GIS to find the best construction sites. Historians and anthropologists employ the technology to locate ancient ruins. Those in airport management help pilots navigate routes with GIS technology. Disaster management specialists take advantage of GIS to locate safe sites when needed in times of crisis. Even experts in international studies use these tools to analyze a location’s geopolitical conditions.

Geographic information systems has a broad range of applications, so your GIS minor will make you more marketable in whichever industry you choose. 

Jobs for Geographic Information Systems minors

Use the interactive tool below to investigate career data for graduates with experience in GIS. Explore career paths, employment trends, salary potential and more.




Financial assistance options for your Geographic Information Systems minor

The University of Central Missouri is proud to offer an exceptional education for some of the lowest tuition rates in the state. In fact, we’re recognized as a top-ranked university for low student debt upon graduation by LendEDU. 

As a UCM student, you have access to our knowledgeable financial aid counselors who can help you consider all of your financing options, such as grants, scholarships and loans.

Many scholarships are available exclusively for students in certain majors. You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder and the program page for your intended major.


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Explore programs related to geographic information systems.

If you’re interested in the science and technology classes available as part of the GIS minor, you may also be interested in these undergraduate programs offered by UCM:


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