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Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

The United States is home to the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. Learn to better serve this growing population by developing conversational Spanish skills in our Spanish for Healthcare Professionals undergraduate certificate program.

The University of Central Missouri offers one of the only two Spanish programs in the country focused on training health care professionals. In addition to nurses and doctors, the undergraduate program also benefits hospital administrators, EMTs, physical therapists, firefighters and virtually anyone working in an emergency care or medical setting.

Our undergraduate certificate program will help you offer a greater level of care and assistance to Spanish speakers while helping you develop valuable Spanish-language skills that will increase your career opportunities. 

Convenient online instruction

UCM knows that many of its certificate students are working professionals. That’s why we offer this Spanish for Healthcare Professionals undergraduate certificate in an online, asynchronous learning format. Complete coursework and class requirements on your own time, when it works with your busy schedule.

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Tailored for health care professionals

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100% online program curriculum

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Native Spanish-speaking coaches

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Small class sizes

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Complete coursework on your own time

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Benefits health care workers and more


What you will study

The online program curriculum for UCM’s Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate features an easy-to-follow weekly schedule. You’ll complete a broad variety of stimulating language exercises to develop conversational skills in Spanish that you can apply in a wide range of professional situations. Our curriculum focuses on health care terminology that will help you communicate with patients and colleagues in doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, mobile health facilities and more.

UCM’s Spanish for Healthcare Professionals certificate program is flexible and awards credit for any previous Spanish courses or experience you may already possess. If you’ve completed high school Spanish classes, you may be eligible for credits toward the certificate.

If you have little to no Spanish experience, that’s okay. You’ll start the program with courses in:

  • Elementary Spanish I for Healthcare Professionals
  • Elementary Spanish II for Healthcare Professionals
  • Intermediate Spanish I for Healthcare Professionals
  • Intermediate Spanish II for Healthcare Professionals

Regardless of your level of experience in Spanish, all students pursuing this certificate complete Intermediate Spanish I and II.


Excellence in Spanish for Healthcare

  • Our Spanish for Healthcare Professionals undergraduate certificate program is one of only two in the nation designed to help health care workers and other professionals develop their Spanish-speaking abilities.


Unique learning opportunities in UCM’s Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate program

At the University of Central Missouri, we know that developing your language skills takes intensive practice. To help maximize your language development, our undergraduate certificate program includes:

  • Language coaching: Work one-on-one with native Spanish speakers and practice in real-world simulations. With these robust resources, you’ll acquire the Spanish terminology you need in health care settings while getting answers to your questions along the way.
  • One-on-one meetings: Work directly with native Spanish speakers to improve your health care vocabulary and conversational skills. You’ll have engaging, one-on-one virtual meetings with our program experts and complete 12 sessions through an online tutoring service, LinguaMeeting.
  • Health care simulations: Hold Spanish conversations through online exercises and simulations. You’ll engage in language roleplay scenarios to learn appropriate communication skills in Spanish for health care settings. Scenarios include talking to patients who are pregnant, struggling with a drug addiction, experiencing an emergency, needing dental work and other situations commonly encountered by health care professionals.


What can you do with a certificate in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals from UCM?

UCM students pursue the Spanish for Healthcare Professionals certificate to enhance their credentials, better serve patients, improve patient outcomes, increase their employment opportunities and compete for promotions. Whether you’re entering the job market or wish to advance in your current role, our Spanish for Healthcare Professionals certificate will better prepare you for work with diverse populations in health care settings and other professional scenarios.

Our Spanish program helps professionals in health care and closely related fields serve their growing and diverse communities. Professionals in the following careers represent some of the many who could benefit from this undergraduate certificate:

  • EMTs
  • Nurses
  • Hospital administrators
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • Doctors’ office assistants
  • Crisis and disaster management specialists
  • Teachers

What’s next for Spanish for Healthcare Professionals Certificate graduates?

Use our interactive tool below to learn more about job outlooks, earning potential and career paths.




Financial assistance options for your Spanish for Healthcare Professionals certificate

The University of Central Missouri offers you a high-value, affordable education with access to valuable financial aid opportunities. Our advisors will help you develop a plan to finance your college education with options that make sense for your budget. In fact, UCM is recognized by LendEDU as a top-ranked university for low student debt.

If you are taking this to supplement your undergraduate degree, we offer institution-wide scholarships that are open to incoming students, transfer, continuing and out-of-state students. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for awards that are reserved exclusively for your major area of study. Use the UCM Scholarship Finder to find and apply for program-specific awards.



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Explore programs related to Spanish for health care professionals. 

If you wish to pursue a certificate at UCM but you’re not sure if the Spanish for Healthcare Professionals program is the best choice for you, be sure to check out these related offerings:


Placement Exams

Students who have taken high school language courses (French, German or Spanish) may enroll beyond the Elementary I level, and may apply for Validated Credit for the class(es) skipped. A student completing Elementary II with a grade of C or higher will receive three additional credit hours at no tuition charge; a student completing Intermediate I with a grade of C or higher will receive six additional credit hours at no tuition charge.

Please note that you will NOT be able to enroll yourself in courses above the Elementary I level. If you wish to be enrolled in Elementary II or Intermediate I, please email:

In the email, please include the following:

- Your name
- Your 700#
- The name and CRN of the course you wish to enroll in
- The number of years in the language taken in high school

Not sure which class to take?

While there are some course restrictions regarding prior experience (see course descriptions), many students will have some flexibility in their decision. For further guidance on which class is right for you, the following placement exams are available:

Click here for the Spanish placement exam:


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