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Central Missouri Police Academy Certificate


About the Program

Coursework for this certificate program comes from an existing program for a Basic 600 hour Class-A Academy, licensed by the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s Peace Officer Standards and Training Program. During the 825 scheduled hours of the course, you will receive 18 free elective credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree and are eligible to become a licensed peace officer upon passing the POST exam. Our goal is to offer this comprehensive certificate in addition to other included program certificates, to enhance your qualifications.

It is our belief that by adding this certificate program from the University of Central Missouri, non-degree seeking students will be encouraged to pursue a degree, and all graduates will enhance their resumes and ability to compete in a highly selective field.

The Central Missouri Police Academy Certificate is designed for:

  • Public safety personnel (emergency management, fire, police, EMS, and dispatchers)
  • Students who enroll in the Central Missouri Police Academy 600-hour Basic Course
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology majors who also must complete a Basic Academy in order to be licensed by the state.
  • Non-degree seeking students who will benefit by having a certificate in excess of the legal requirements. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how the U.S. Constitution and Missouri Statutory Law specifically pertain to public safety and the law enforcement career field;
  2. Identify major issues in ethics, domestic violence and human behavior, and apply intellectual and practical tools to analyze those issues;
  3. Identify common problems in health, fitness and nutrition that apply to the public safety career field;
  4. Develop a personal physical training regimen to prevent and minimize health problems that are common among public safety professionals;
  5. Understand and apply elements of defensive tactics that pertain to public safety and the law enforcement field;
  6. Understand and apply traffic and vehicle regulations, investigate traffic accidents, complete accident reports and diagrams, and enforce pertinent traffic laws;
  7. Acquire the requisite handling, maintenance, and marksmanship skills in the use of handguns and shotguns, for the performance of law enforcement duties;
  8. Become certified in DWI detection and investigation, and become competent in illegal drug detection and reporting;
  9. Develop skills in law enforcement driving and vehicle stops;
  10. Understand problems associated with, and indicators of, gangs and organized crime;
  11. Apply legal and safe techniques in searches of persons, vehicles and buildings, handling hazardous materials, and responding to terrorism incidents;
  12. Understand and apply techniques of crime scene processing, collection, documentation and investigation; including property crimes and crimes against persons;
  13. Write professional police reports;
  14. Become certified as First Responders (First aid and medical assistance);
  15. Understand and demonstrate proper use of force techniques, applications, and decision making;
  16. Become certified in the use of expandable batons.

Certificate Requirements


MSC 2110 Police Academy I - 3
MSC 2120 Police Academy II - 3
MSC 2130 Police Academy III - 3
MSC 2140 Police Academy IV - 3
MSC 2150 Police Academy V - 3

MSC 2155 Police Academy VI - 3



Central Missouri Police Academy

200 Ming St., Warrensburg, MO 64093
Tel: 888-801-3588 (or) 660-543-4090
Fax: 660-543-4709


Fall 2019 Academy: July 8th – December 3rd

Family Orientation & Open House: July 6th
POST Exam: December 3rd
Graduation: December 5th

Spring 2020 Academy: January 13th – June 11th

Family Orientation & Open House: January 11th
POST Exam: June 11th
Graduation: June 18th


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