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Web Development using JavaScript Certificate Program with Remote Worker


Start your career in web development

The University of Central Missouri's Web Development Using Java Script with Remote Worker certificate program teaches students the power of JavaScript, the language used by around 95 percent of all websites, by building an application using JavaScript and Node.js, a popular back-end JavaScript framework.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the demand for professionals in this area is expected to increase by 13,400 jobs by 2029. Average salary for web developers with this expertise is estimated at $73,760 annually. Through this program, students earn a certificate of completion and continuing education units which may not be applied to a degree program and are not eligible for federal financial aid.

UCM certificate cost icon   $4,500 including books, fees and examination.
Additional fees: Laptop (if needed) $400
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Classes forming now. Let us know of your interest, and we will keep you informed of all course offerings.

Contact hours icon   300 including classroom training and homework  Prerequesites checklist icon   18 years of age or older, high school diploma or equivalent, Intermediate to strong computer proficiency, some programming experience preferred and a strong desire to learn. Access to a computer with Internet at home or another access point on a regular basis


Learn valuable skills that will prepare you for success

This certificate program is built to prepare you for employment, as well as success in the workplace, and is made up of three primary sections: Technical Skills, Personal Effectiveness Skills, and Work Readiness Skills.


Technical skills

This course not only helps students learn how to code using JavaScript, but also teaches the principles behind programming languages and web development so students have the skills to learn new frameworks and languages more quickly on the job in the future.

Students in this program will also learn skills such as:

  • Introduction to Software and the Web, Fundamentals of Web Technologies
  • HTML and CSS
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • JavaScript
  • Objects & Core Objects
  • Node.js
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • jQuery
  • Database basics
  • ORM Sequelize
  • AJAX and Asynchronous Coding
  • Git Source Code Version Control

 Students successfully completing this course will be prepared to take a national certification exam in Remote Worker skills.


Personal effectiveness and work readiness skills

According to Leadership IQ, 46 percent of new hires fail within 18 months, but only 11 percent fail because of their technical skills. A stunning 89 percent of failures are the result of a lack of attitude or interpersonal skills to succeed.

To address this challenge, UCM has incorporated a curriculum we call CoreBuilders into this certificate program. CoreBuilders addresses critical Personal Effectiveness and Work Readiness Skills.

CoreBuilders focuses on attitude and interpersonal skills and is used in conjunction with technical training to maximize success. CoreBuilders prepares individuals with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills by focusing on three competency areas: Personal Effectiveness, Building Strong Relationships and Career Management.

With CoreBuilders, you will be challenged to examine yourself, ditch negative mindsets, behaviors, and even habits that hold you back, and learn how to replace them with proven success strategies.

You will learn how to develop a winning attitude, act with integrity, stay laser-focused on matters within your control, effectively communicate in various settings, become a valuable team asset, solve problems more constructively and set goals to drive your success.

Further you will be introduced to a time-tested human behavior model that can be practically applied in the workplace, transforming your relationships to healthy, productive and strong ones.

Finally, CoreBuilders equips learners to navigate the ever-changing job search process successfully and manage their careers in a fast paced, technology-driven marketplace.

Expected Awards

  • UCM Certificate of Completion
  • Remote Worker Certification, must pass industry exam

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