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Faculty Profile: Jennifer Aldrich Jennifer Aldrich

Teaching field
Early Childhood Education

Ph.D., University of North Texas

Research interests
Mentoring, classroom learning communities; using technology in early childhood; and early childhood teacher education.

Making an impact
I became a teacher because I believe children are the future. I can make a difference in their lives and provide a good foundation for their future learning experience. I became a teacher educator because I want to make an even larger impact on the future by teaching those who become teachers.

Meaningful opportunity
Through a grant from Center for Teaching and Learning, I am spending time in a local kindergarten class. This is extremely meaningful to me both professionally and personally. Each time I participate in the class I experience the day to day events and learning that occurs in kindergarten. This experience is also beneficial to my college students because I’m living what I talk about and expect them to do.

Set a foundation
There is nothing as exciting as knowing that I’ve helped a child think through and solve a problem, whether it’s math, reading or taking turns. A student should consider early childhood education because we are the teachers that start children off in the right direction of their school experience. We set the tone and foundation for later learning.

Development and growth
Over the course of the time that I’ve been at UCM, the most meaningful experiences are those that involve my students' development and growth as teachers. The ah-ha moments and reflections shared between my students and me stand out. My students have reinforced my knowledge and belief that each student is an individual and has unique needs.