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Faculty Profiles

Our faculty bring real world experience and professional insight into the classrooms of the College of Education. Their roles as teachers, advocates and professionals in their field help faculty provide students with an array of knowledge.

Meet some of our exceptional faculty and see some of what the College of Education has to offer.

Jennifer AldrichJennifer Aldrich,
early childhood education

Through a grant from Center for Teaching and Learning, Jennifer Aldrich is spending time in a local kindergarten class. This meaningful experience allows her to experience the day to day events and learning that occurs in kindergarten. She is then able to take that knowledge back to her own students.
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Theresa Earles-VollrathTheresa Earles-Vollrath,
special education

Experience as a teacher of children with autism, an autism specialist for a large school district and a director at an autism resource center help Earles-Vollrath bring real life into the classroom. She is the co-director of the Midwest Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and an autism consultant for several school districts in the Kansas City area.
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Ryan PetersonRyan Peterson,
child and family development

Peterson wanted to be an educator to be influential in others lives. He appreciates the small class sizes at UCM because they allow him to get to know each student personally and see them grow and develop as competent students and future professionals.
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Matt ThomasMatt Thomas,

Matt Thomas enjoys working with students who want to make a difference as teachers. He appreciates the collegial atmosphere fostered by his peers and administration and enjoys getting to play a role in the long tradition of excellent teacher preparation that is a cornerstone of UCM history.
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Yuankun YaoYuankun Yao,

Yuankun Yao teaches students information that they can apply to their careers as future educators. It's important for him to provide feedback that’s positive, specific and useful for his students. He has found that when he teaches with his heart, students will listen with interest.
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