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Juanita Mummert, business education major Juanita Mummert

Convenience and availability
One of my favorite things about continuing my education at UCM was the availability of online courses. This allowed me to continue working in the business industry part-time, spend quality time with my family and friends and still complete the program of study in 18 months.

Caring instructors
During one of my semesters, my father was having serious health problems and my instructors were very accommodating, caring and made it possible for me to tend to my father and maintain my studies. To this day, they still inquire about his health and that means a lot to me. They went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed to successfully complete my degree.     

Quality program
UCM has prepared me wholeheartedly for a career in education. UCM is known for being an education college and that speaks volumes about the quality of its programs. I know that I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a productive member of the education field as well as a strong mentor to students.

Opportunities for success
Participating in any activities on campus opens the door for more relationships and provides a well-rounded awareness of all the opportunities available to students. Being on campus gives me a feeling of achievement, success and provides many opportunities to have fun.