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Faculty Profile: Ryan Peterson Ryan Peterson

Teaching field
Child and Family Development

Ph.D., University of Georgia

Research interests
Sibling relationships across the life-span; emerging adulthood; and Chinese families.

Personal interaction
The personal interaction with students is my favorite part of UCM. Small class sizes allow me to get to know each student personally and see them grow and develop as competent students and future professionals. It’s a joy to interact with students who are highly motivated and desire to make society a better place.

Fulfilling profession
A degree in child and family development enables students to work with children and families in various settings. There’s an increasing demand for child and family development professionals at state and federal levels as well as in the private sector. Many graduates apply and are accepted to graduate schools in related field such as marriage and family therapy, family law, special education and counseling. This degree is a great match for an individual who wants to learn about family development and then have an occupation helping others. It’s very fulfilling personally and professionally.

Influential role
I wanted to be an educator in a university setting because I thought it would be the best place to be influential in others lives. College students are usually at a stage of life where they are solidifying their goals and aspirations for the future. To play a small role in helping students is very rewarding. It’s a blast to be around highly motivated students that have a variety of different goals they are trying to obtain.