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David Sanders, middle school education major

Individual attention
I like that the classes are small and the teachers really get to know me. The professors are very good at letting us know what’s expected. My teachers didn’t just teach me about teaching. I’m able to get individualized help from my teachers, which has really helped me learn.

Authentic learning
My favorite class involved us working in the classroom. Each classmate was assigned a teacher to work with during the semester. We didn’t have class everyday. Most days we went to the schools to gain experience in the classroom. I learned more from this course than any other I have taken.

Experience in the classroom
Education majors student teach in their last semester. I’m currently doing my student teaching and I feel well prepared. This program is designed to get students into a real classroom at a local school district. I’m learning a lot working with the teachers in the schools, teaching lessons and working with kids. When I get my first job I will definitely be very well prepared.