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What our Students Say

Kelly BurgessSharing talents
"Becoming an Orientation and Week of Welcome leader has been my best experience at UCM. Introducing incoming freshman and their families to the UCM experience is such a rewarding job. I’m able to meet outstanding people, use my talents and share them with others. It gave me an opportunity to get involved outside the classroom.
Kelly Burgess, middle school education major
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Scott DillonPrepared for the future
"My professors have prepared me for my career by sharing real life stories and examples. The classroom observation opportunities I’ve had have been extremely beneficial and Career Services does an excellent job preparing students for the career of their choice." Scott Dillon, technology education major
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Julie KidwellCampus activities
"Central has everything I want. I have good classes, good faculty and opportunities to keep me entertained. From getting in free at the athletic events, to plays, musical events and free movies, UCM has everything I could ask for without ever having to leave campus." Julie Kidwell, business education major
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Elizabeth MuellerLeadership role
"I’ve truly enjoyed being the president of The Honors College Student Association. The executive board is made up of great people and the meetings and events are always a lot of fun. This position has allowed me to be actively involved in The Honors College, but does support me and my other endeavors." Elizabeth Mueller, elementary education major
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Juanita MummertConvenience and availability
"One of my favorite things about continuing my education at UCM was the availability of online courses. This allowed me to continue working in the business industry part-time, spend quality time with my family and friends and still complete the program of study in 18 months."
Juanita Mummert, business education major
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Melody OllisonSense of community
"As a non-traditional student nearly twice the age of many of my classmates, I was worried about being the oddball in the class. This was not the case at all. Many classes encourage interaction among students, fostering a sense of community. As a result, I’ve developed many friendships with my peers. There are many talented and intelligent young men and women at UCM and I feel privileged to call many of them friends." Melody Ollison, middle school education major
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Rachel RothermelBeneficial resource
"Being a Supplemental Instructor for the CAP program has been one of my best experiences at UCM. I enjoy helping incoming freshmen get used to college life by being a resource for them. I gain teaching experience by coming up with activities and games that help reinforce the information they have been given in other classes." Rachel Rothermel,
child and family development major

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Jennifer WatsonKnow me by name
"My relationships with faculty have definitely helped me get through college. I never feel discouraged from asking questions or asking for help. They’re willing to help me as much as possible. I like that professors know me by name." Jennifer Watson, business education major
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