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Faculty Profile: Theresa Earles-Vollrath

Teaching field Theresa Earles-Vollrath
Special Education

Ph.D., University of Kansas

Research interests
The effects of visual strategies on the learning; behavior and social abilities of children; and youth with autism.

Consultant and specialist
I’ve been a teacher of children with autism, an autism specialist for a large school district and a director at an autism resource center. Now I’m a professor, co-director of the new Midwest Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and an autism consultant for several school districts in the Kansas City area.

Focus on the students
My favorite thing about teaching at UCM is that my main focus continues to be my teaching and my students. The administration has continued to allow faculty to put the needs of our students and our courses first. I came to UCM because I wanted to shape the skills of our future teachers. I want them to be as passionate about students with disabilities as I am.

Amazing students
I’ve been lucky enough to have interacted with several students whom I greatly admire. These students already have the passion for working with students with disabilities. They enjoy learning so that they can make decisions that are best for kids. They amaze me.